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Those who think happy thoughts related to their desire always let go easily because they expect the happiness to continue.

7 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Nina

    I noticed something yesterday. The less I cared (let go) about my pasta sauce coming out amazing, the better it did. The less I stood over it and tasted it and tried it and stired it and talked about it to my Nonna – the better and faster it came to being done and tasting even better than it ever had. The less I cared and went off and did other things still the better it got. Really goes to show how the least amount of work and leaving it alone and not talking about it and not throwing everything into it or worrying about how it was going to turn out – made it turn out to be the best pasta sauce I’d ever cooked. No stress towards it resulted in better faster results. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ I guess you can see what I’m taking about here. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ I be applying this to all situations in life now.

    Thanks for always talking about letting go.

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  2. Hi again Nina

    I also noticed something else. I wanted to try an experiment with someone I am not interested in.

    I asked once for a guy from work to message me via text. I just wanted to see if I could get this person to message me just by asking once for it. He text me last night. I asked once and forgot all about it. Probably the whole ‘not attached to the outcome’ because I am not interested is why it happened to quickly. I’ve known this work mate for 7 months and we have never spoken out of work before. He just messaged me again. Thats how detached you have to be for the need of it to happen or even that person. The more you want it the more it seems to go in the opposite direction, the more you don’t care, like my pasta above, the faster, better and easier it comes. Letting go and forgetting (changing direction) entirely really and truly is the key to fast manifestation. Thanks again.

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  3. Nina hope ur well…

    So the whole job thing. I was just thinking 2 days ago just let it go because so many weeks had passed and no call about going full time. So I said screw it and moved onto something else.

    So today they called and asked if I was interested in managing a store!!!!! And gave me a list of possibilities of where I could go and what hours I wanted! Letting go and changing direction and taking focus off it works So quickly!!

    Yay! πŸ™‚


  4. Hello Nina! Another thing….

    My pay usually goes in at 11.45pm – no matter what time I put in my timesheet. Last night I forgot about my pay and was out and needed to get fuel. I didn’t even check my bank account before putting in the fuel (whoops thats because I am stressless now after changing diet, brain has changed) then checked my app when I came home and the money got into my account at 8.30pm. Thats NEVER happened before! Before i was so desperate for the money and would be insanely checking my account for it and it always went in at 11.45pm. I swear the change in diet and upping the omega 3 for me has changed everything. I am not thinking about any of the things I used to and the worry in all areas went away – I can tell just how dramatic the change is just by how i put fuel in my car before checking to see if the pay had gone in first! And now suddenly again just yesterday I am getting job offers from 3 other places. Then I tested to see just how much those foods I used to eat were affecting me and by the next day I was nervous and worried again. Carbs/grains affect my brain and mood but I don’t miss them and that was a good lesson, eating some again, just to see how much it does affect me. They are not for me but I don’t feel deprived, I feel so much happier.

    I have the interview today for the full-time position. Money problems are history now.

    Serious. Just more proof of how letting go and changing direction (and changing diet for me personally) brings everything about faster and easier.

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