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Do YOU Want to Like You?

A great deal of your personal appeal rests in keeping your personal attitude unaffected by all the negativity in the world.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t care about the world but believing in it instead of faithlessly criticising it not only contributes to your happiness but to your personal appeal as well. In addition, a positive attitude allows you to emit positive energy, making the world a better place almost without realizing.

An attitude of belief in improvement is appealing. A positive game plan is appealing. Passion is appealing!

Honesty is appealing and when it comes to positive individuals, honesty will reveal their personal appeal.


Whenever you meet someone whose truly positive personality shines through, don’t you find yourself wanting to communicate with this person? Do you not find yourself wanting to be near them, feeling that their happiness somehow makes you happier?

Those who are genuinely happy attract even more happiness to them – this is the Law of Attraction. Who you are and what you believe in attracts more of the same into your life.

LoA is life and those who claim that life is just not that simple are doing nothing but making excuses for not having what they want and being who they want to be. Choosing not to be who you want to be also translates into awareness, as you know that you are simply not as happy as you could be. Accepting this particular awareness/self-perception will probably reflect on your life and manifestations in a negative way, as you will most likely believe that you can have some things you want but not others. However, that is up to you. Your life is your choice, entirely.


Many were raised and taught to focus on the external world first and internal second. Throughout their lives, many have come to realize their attitudes shape their realities yet some fail to work on changing their attitudes. If you truly want to make yourself happier, you will do what it takes and not see it as hard work, if this is your true heart’s desire. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as you fear.

Whether or not you actually like yourself matters. You deserve to feel good about yourself and can only do so if you nurture genuinely positive feelings. No anger, no engaging in negativity, no hate – just love.

Face your fears – you’ll be happy you did. Take it one step at a time because skipping self work will result in life staying exactly the same instead improving.

9 thoughts on “Do YOU Want to Like You?

  1. Hi Nina,
    I am astounded by your wisdom. I have just self published a book but having stumbled upon your website makes me question whether I had really had finished it…
    Nearly every area in my life is very satisfying apart from my intimate relationship. I overcame a ‘supposed’ major health issue and live incredibly well. My finances miraculously allowed me to have a comfortable passive income…
    I met the love of my life and unfortunately was unable to sustain the relationship. Your articles have identified where I was going wrong (never underestimate the whisperings of the mind) I was full of resentment and I have recently discovered, so was my ‘current’ ex boyfriend. I say ‘current’ because as soon as I match the inner whisperings of my mind with my words, we get our relationship back on track, which is very loving, kind and full of humour…

    Our relationship is long distance and I have been focusing on the ‘hows’ of our relationship forgetting the ‘hows’ are none of my business…

    Thank you for your wisdom and insights. Your words are the only ones that make sense of the LOA and the teachings of Neville Goddard.

    A big hug to you

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    1. Edina, What you wrote – “I have been focusing on the ‘hows’ of our relationship forgetting the ‘hows’ are none of my business…” – resonates so strongly with me.

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  2. I think I just attracted this post to me. I’m trying not to let other ppl actions or sayings get me to act in an anger. I want to perfect LoA and that is my priority 🙂 This blog is the best I’ve found yet with all the comments which are very helpful. Thank you all

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  3. For everyone.

    I was looking for a basic regular meditation. Saw this and thought what the hell.

    His affirmations for attracting specific person or general person are amazing, so is the music!

    Have a listen and maybe do everyday?

    Nothing to lose and you’ll feel amazing.


  4. Hi Nina

    Do you remember months ago I asked you if i could visualise getting full-time work at the store I was already at and I asked you could it be done because they had no room in their budget to hire me for full time hours or even just more hours?

    Well, about a month ago I was looking at the Assistant Manager and i had a sense of knowing / premonition / vision / it actually looked like she hazed out a bit when I was looking at her / that she will be leaving close to the end of the year. (Yep, knowing/clairvoyant etc) I just knew she would be leaving.

    Well, I had the interview and I got the job but i thought i was going to be a causal and i decided that I didn’t want to to manage (plus I am doing some courses and didn’t want the extra responsibility yet because ultimately i want to end up in the field of my course).

    Anyway, today the assistant manager told me she is going to another store to manager and that I was the new full-timer at the store. I got what I wanted. I wanted more hours in the store I have been in for the last 7 or so months. I don’t remember visualising anything maybe just having the manager tell me I would be working there full-time 2 times (just hearing his voice say it) and it has happened even with them not reaching budget per month like i was focused on. This is the important bit. I never heard him say ‘we made budget, you are working here now” all I heard him say was “you are working here now!’ – Outside of LOA world I was focusing on getting the budget up, i didn’t need to worry about the budget at all because it wasn’t important. I already had the position coming because she was going to be offered something else at another store. I got what I wanted by the assistant manager leaving, nothing to do with budgets. I guess you can see what I am saying. Just hear what you want to hear. This was so valuable to me.

    I think the Universes way of handling all this was perfect for us both. It is close to home and full-time hours for me and for her the store is 10 minutes closer to where she is and she will be getting more money PLUS bonuses.

    I remember looking at her that day as I was sorting the racks and knowing that i was going to be there full-time because she was going to go to another store. The budget thing never came into the premonition, just her hazing out and that feeling of knowing she would be leaving.

    I’m kinda sad because I wanted her to stay and for us 3 to be together but my only way to get in there was for her to leave, there was no other way. The Universe really did move everything around.

    I’ll never doubt my gift again or play it down like I have my whole life or ever let anyone make me think any other way ever again. I knew I would be there just purely by my gift and i know that he’s the person I am meant to be with the same way I’ve known every other thing in my life.

    One last piece to come together and it is him. Its coming now. I know he loves me. xx


  5. Hi all☺

    Hope that everyone is well… I have a question. I have been trying to get my ex to contact me through visualization and affirmations with no luck whatsoever. Its been 8 months now and he blocked me everywhere. Do I perhaps have a problem with resistance? What would you suggest I do or say that’ll better my affirmations and visualizations?…


    1. Hi Jeanie,

      Resistance is an area I struggle with too. Also, belief and letting go could be areas to look at too. I like to use the keywords for Nina’s blog to look at the areas that might be affecting me because it brings up her blog entries to check out.

      Try clicking on “Resistance and check out those blogs”.

      If you’re not feeling happy and relaxed while you’re doing your affirmations/visualizations, then you need to take a step back and see why. You might even need to give yourself a short break and just focus on yourself for a bit. That has helped me in the past. Instead of trying to affirm regarding your relationship, take a week or so of just writing things you are grateful for and feeling love for yourself and the people in your life 🙂

      Best of luck to you 🙂


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