How Do You See Yourself (and Your Life)?

flower collage

Have you ever heard anyone say that you should be ready to do whatever it takes to manifest your desire?

Even if you heard this, you may have wondered what it meant.

It means doing all the self-work necessary to manifest – feeling good, thinking positive thoughts, choosing positive feelings, focusing on having your desired reality and expecting your desired manifestation to happen.

Many start off thinking positively and believing, only to give up later.

Too many haven’t grown up naturally thinking positive; they were taught to believe that life is difficult or that they should never hope because they will be disappointed. Others fear their past experiences repeating, currently seeing themselves as having been hurt instead of cherishing their strength and happiness.

If you believe life is difficult, you are captured in an awareness of being a person who struggles. Beliefs indicate awareness and those who believe they must wait or struggle believe that getting what they want is always difficult for them. There is no reason to believe this about yourself – start believing that from now on, life is easy because you deserve it.

Thinking that hope always leads to disappointment is also a matter of awareness, as you believe that this always happens to you. If you hope yet fear disappointment, you are setting yourself up for that disappointment. Expect to receive your desire and be happy instead of let down.

Fearing that the past will repeat itself means you haven’t forgiven yourself for it. Don’t think that the past has to repeat itself because nothing has to happen unless you believe it. If you can’t imagine what a happier future would look like, get creative and think about what you want it to look like. Since you can have anything, why not manifest what you actually want, for a change?

You know you can do this.


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