Do You Feel Good about Abundance?

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Over several minutes of boredom one day, I decided to manifest a free trip. Days later, I was offered one.

I hadn’t thought about many details of the trip and soon, it dawned on me that I should have. I didn’t like many of the conditions or the accommodation which ultimately caused me to pass on the trip altogether.

I was grateful for having received the offer but every offer in life is there for us to accept or decline. And that’s okay.

When manifesting something specific, be specific on all the details important to you!

In order to get specific, one must know exactly what kind of life they want.

What is it that makes you happy? Do you feel that you deserve it? Are you brave enough to believe that you deserve it?

Thinking positively about oneself takes courage yet it should be the most natural thing in the world.

So why do many avoid it?

Some people say they never ask for much in life, an attitude that translates into being unappreciated by the world. They try to bargain their low maintenance attitude into the belief of their desire belonging to them but end up feeling undeserving of it instead. Those who feel that asking for nothing is a virtue usually feel undeserving of most things as their personal guilt urges them to never ask for anything in fear of looking greedy. These individuals feel that they don’t have enough while others, usually those unlikable to them, have too much.

These individuals were taught that only greedy people want to experience life’s abundance while they should focus on being a good person instead. However, a “good” person is “good,” rich or poor. A “bad” person will be “bad” whether they are wealthy or poor. Those who don’t care what other people think won’t care no matter what happens in their life.

You will be criticized by the world, no matter who you are, and that criticism will come from the awareness of those who criticize you, not from your personal lifestyle. The critical will stay critical, unless they choose to change. The critical will criticize you, no matter who you are.

I hope this says enough.

3 thoughts on “Do You Feel Good about Abundance?

  1. Hi Nina, hope you are doing great!

    I want to find a way to understand these:
    1. How can I know where I see myself in terms of career?
    2. When someone asks where I want to reach in 2-3 years down the line, I have no answers. I have no word for that. I definitely see myself in a corner of an office working like a boss but I have no answers for the profile.
    3. I feel like I have no analytical approach to things. I am unable to strategise things at work.

    I need help.

    I want help in these areas too:

    1. when people help me with something more often, I become dependent. The moment I become dependent, they make me feel like a lame person without crutch.
    2. I feel like no matter how much I want to keep my house organized and clean, it goes back to same clutter. I know it tells something about me but I want to know how to handle it.

    what would you suggest my approach should be?

    Love and Light


    1. Hi! 🙂 I am doing great, thank you for asking 🙂

      1. This part is all about where you WANT to be, career wise. Take some time to think about what it is you want.

      2. Feel good about where you are in life, which means not knowing everything in this case. Feel good about being in the place where you are figuring things out and where anything is possible. Then, you will suddenly realize what you want.

      3. Nurture the feeling of accomplishment. Imagine what it would be like to have reached all your goals at work. Would you feel accomplished, powerful or at peace? How do you WANT to feel at work? You can achieve what you want at work, just like in any other area of life.

      In other areas:

      1. This is a sort of attachment. You might be feeling that you are only deserving if someone WANTS to help. Practice feeling deserving of great results and telling yourself that you can accomplish anything and instead of worrying that dependency might happen again, people will want to help you after you realize that you CAN do it on your own.

      2. I think you need to envision your personal space in a different way. Maybe you need to throw some things out or maybe just organize them differently. This keeps happening because you are going by your subconscious perception of your house instead of actively changing it. You need to change it in a new way, a way you haven’t tried before. That might be the answer.

      Love and light 🙂


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