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Resolving Emotional Guilt – Can You Focus on Abundance Instead?

The more I look, the more I notice the amount of emotional guilt many have grown up with and feel to this day, effectively preventing themselves from manifesting the life they want to live.

Has anyone ever tried to make you feel that you should make them happy instead of yourself? Do you agree to the things you don’t want in life just to make others happy? Do you feel undeserving of the things you want or feel that you’re asking for too much? You don’t have to feel any of these things but emotional guilt connected to them might still bother you.

Emotional guilt goes together with inadequacy, fear of letting others down and fear of greediness instead of enjoying the abundance of life.



Many don’t realize the magnitude of their emotional guilt until they find something or someone they love with their entire heart. Then, they suddenly see the difference between love and need, realizing that loving someone means accepting them for everything they are. If you don’t fully accept someone, you cannot love them. This is when it dawns on them just how much many people in their lives tried to project their neediness on them while masking it as love (or worse, believing it truly was love).

Love doesn’t make you feel bad. Love makes you feel great! One cannot be treating themselves and others in a way that makes them feel poorly and call it love because it is not.

When you know what love is, you can use LoA effectively. You can attract the life you want because love makes you realize what it is you want.



Do you feel that getting hurt prevents you from feeling love?

Whatever you went through in life, don’t let it make you feel damaged. Don’t tell yourself that you are worthless because everyone goes through something. However, your sense of self worth decides on your life therefore allowing yourself to create your own environment should include the people you want to spend time with and love for the right reasons.

What we give emotion to, we manifest – good or bad.

Start putting positive emotion into the idea of experiencing what you want! Focusing on what you don’t want to experience will keep you stuck.

8 thoughts on “Resolving Emotional Guilt – Can You Focus on Abundance Instead?

  1. Nina thank you for not answering my emails, it’s forced me to realise i can’t rely and not to rely on anyone for anything. It forced me to face this on my own. It also made me realise how my heart is too big and when its time to cut something off to just cut it off immediately or say something directly instead of waiting for the universe to take it out or hoping the other person will do it because I don’t want to hurt their feelings. So thank you for not answering the emails or i would still be the useless weak woman i was a week ago. I will never put my heart into anything anymore or expect people to give back the same.

    I asked the Universe to take the happiness robber out of my life and it did it in a day. I thanked her for leaving my life in text. I didn’t know i was dealing with a narcassitic victim personality who thinks world owed them something -i thought i was just dealing with a kid who was left out by her parents in favour of her other siblings (my naivety and big heart stopped me from seeing the truth) that is until i got a text from someone who thinks she is her friend telling me that they can see she has been exploiting me. i will never, ever, ever let myself get into another situation where i become some kind of psychologist or even a friend to anyone who doesn’t give the same back. In fact as soon as i see something i don’t like now, i flee. If someone starts to bring up a problem I tell them I can’t help them. I don’t give it a second chance anymore. This whole situation with the NVP started because I saw them crying one day and asked them if they were ok, had i not given a shit, none of this would have happened. If i had a pair of balls and told people to just go away when they were rude or selfish i don’t think i would have experienced half the things I have in my life. People take advantage of weak people. That won’t be happening to me again.

    I am now surrounded in all the things I wanted. Fulltime work at the place i wanted. A roommate from heaven and NICE friends from work. I knew once I got rid of the N.V.P above that the ‘curse’ would be over.

    ‘If you are willing to look at another person’s behavior toward you as a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all.”


    1. Dear Gretta,
      I didn’t have time to answer all the emails because I’ve been very backed up with them as well as my writing work lately but it is perfect that everything worked out even better than expected – that is LoA 🙂 And that is exactly what I want for everyone in this community – happiness, love and freedom 🙂 So, great job, you did it!! 😀


      1. Nina

        Its ok even if you didn’t want to answer. After i emailed you i tried to ring a few different people and no one was available. It gave me the chance to see that i had to deal with those feelings on my own and I made it out and that not everything has to be talked through and really not everything matters.

        That is 2 huge manifestations that have actualised. Me getting the full-time job at that specific store and her being taken out of my life.

        Not only that, something happened to me personally just in the last 2 days. I went back to my birth name. The name I gave you was a name I was given 10 years ago because of the field of work i was doing. I had been putting all this pressure on on myself to obtain wealth and cars and jewellery and I had been making myself miserable. She was one of the people telling me that I should have wanted more than to work in an op shop. I was doing stupid things like putting 500 dollar bags away at work. Then something snapped combined with my mother saying to me that I was turning into a snob and I went back to the hippie boho I really am and always will be. I was trying to be someone I was not. I would only allow myself to wear gold jewellery and not because dress jewellery would effect my skin. I would only wear designer labels. (What a f*cking moron I have been) I was striving for a luxury car. The point to all of this is that NONE OF IT was making me happy. I was stressed out trying to be someone who ill never be. I was trying to be someone I was not and at the same time making him miserable telling and asking him why he didn’t want a better life for himself when really if he picked up the phone and said lets go camping it would be ME jumping in the muddy puddles and swimming in the creek! I am not saying that you shouldn’t have savings (money) or a nice place to live or even a nice car but I was going to the extreme. Its not anything to do with not feeling I don’t deserve those things. They are just simply not me. I AM a simple person and so is he. What was driving it all was wanting for people to look in and think ‘she’s made it’ but none of those people I was concerned with have done anything with their lives and most of the wealthy people I know are as miserable as hell. Abundance to me means love and family and friends not things or millions of dollars. People are stressed out because they are trying to obtain things because of envy. I don’t need those things. Im happy with my 7 dollar bag and my boho hats and boots. When i got dressed the way I used to and went over to my parents house my mum said to me “welcome back!’ This is one of my favourite sites –

        The only thing I was doing to myself was denying myself what I really wanted and its pretty obvious to me now writing this why i was doing that. Denial of self, denial of the things I really wanted. DENYING MY OWN HAPPINESS. I think we as humans do do this. We deny ourselves happiness! I recognise what I am doing to myself and she vanishes! Not a coincidence.

        And yet again I have stuffed it up with him and he is not talking to me again because I kept asking him why don’t you want a better life for yourself. All i was doing was projecting. Jesus, Mary and Joseph what a fool I have been! He has not blocked me but should have. I don’t know why he puts up with my shit!! Hopefully this is the last time i f*ck it up again.

        At work I was in the back room sorting and i came across a little blue book called “How To Be Happy’ by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. I opened it up to the page that says “When you cherish others your true success starts. When you cherish others all of your wishes are fulfilled!’ Then skipped some pages to see “Everything depends on how you use your mind!’ then a few more pages to see in bold letters, “there is still hope!”

        Thanks x

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  2. “Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering” – Miguel Ruiz


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