Are You Surrounded with True Friends?

Some of the recent events around me as well as many comments and emails prompted me to address the following:

Are your friends, family and other people close to you genuinely happy for your success in life, your positive personality and all the love, magic and gratitude you are attracting into your life?

Let’s be clear on something – they should be!

No matter what goes on in your life, you are a great friend if you’re unconditionally happy for your own friends and their success. Those who support your goals and desires are good friends and those who don’t are only expressing their limiting beliefs, making themselves less-than-exceptional friends in the process.

If someone’s constant negativity hurts your happiness and life, you can remove yourself from that person and seek out positive company instead. There is no reason not to.

Or, if this is a relationship you want to repair, you can do so as well. It’s up to you but either way, here’s what to do. 

Don’t take it personally!

Those who are unable to be entirely happy for you are unable to be happy for themselves, in their own life. If you don’t love you, you can’t love another, right? We all know this. However, if you confronted them about it, they would probably act offended, confirming your claim to be true.

Once again, consider what you want – to fix the relationship or give it up?

You are free to do either. You are not obligated to keep anyone into your life – relationships of any nature are about love and positive feelings, not guilt or obligations.

Be honest with that person.

If you want to repair the relationships or simply tell the person in question how you feel, you can. Make sure your communication is entirely honest because otherwise, what’s the point in bringing this up? You can tell this person that you would like to take some time away, if that is what you truly want, but make sure to explain why. Unless honesty is fully present, nothing will be resolved.

Think about the kind of friends and support you want to have.

Thinking about what makes us happy brings it into our lives. Dedicate your time to that instead of deciphering your problems. Problems are there to be resolved, not be obsessing about. Worrying too much brings no solution.

If you want to work with the Law of Attraction successfully, you should keep it simple.

If you want to attract the life you want successfully (and, fast), make decisions and stand by them! Be courageous enough to actually make decisions and stick to them.

To make decisions successfully, you must know yourself and the best way to do so is to engage in anything that makes you happy.


If you choose to move on…

Believe it’s for the best and feel good about your decision. You can’t have it both ways if you want to feel good – make a decision you actually feel good about!

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