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Manifesting Relationships – Does it Matter What Kind?

When I say relationships, I mean friendships, love, family relationships, professional relationships and any other you can think of. Let’s discuss manifesting them!

I believe we all have something we absolutely love to manifest and manifesting specific people is what really turns me on. Attracting friendships, relationships and specific people I want professional opportunities from makes all of us happy simply because I have decided that I bring happiness.

Manifesting specific relationships brings love into our lives while making them everything we wanted them to be.

When manifesting relationships with specific people, I aim for the both of us to be happy, if not happier than ever.

Manifesting professional opportunities means just as much to me in terms of making people happy.

Some people get a rush from manifesting money. Others, career opportunities. They get a rush from feeling powerful and manifesting even more power into their lives. I love to manifest both those things and maintain my professional and financial lifestyle with ease but the purpose of my work is to inspire other people. I love it when my work offers me an opportunity to create my best work to date and when I motivate myself to create it. I love being financially compensated for my work because it achieved the expected result. I love feeling deserving of the compensation I wish to receive and enjoy it.

Feeling deserving of living the life I want and nurturing my interests and goals makes me feel even more convinced that I am bringing happiness, excitement and value into the lives of the people I manifest relationships with. Everything I do and everything I choose to do makes me a happier person.

When it comes to feeling deserving of desires manifested, I always push for self-confidence as the answer. You already know that. However, self-confidence doesn’t mean having to be someone you are not; self-confidence means being comfortable being the person you wish to be, being comfortable doing the things you wish to do.

Self-confidence means feeling deserving of living the life you want.

When it comes to friendships, for example, self-confidence means avoiding being affected by negative opinions of others while choosing friends according to their appreciation of you and your friendship. Truly loving friends will love you and be happy for you while also loving and being happy for themselves.

When it comes you, self-confidence and love mean refusing to engage in negative self-perception, fears and negative life anticipations.

Self-confidence means expecting to receive the happiness you truly deserve. By default, self-confidence also means sending love out into the world with your actions, words, feelings and your honest approach to people.

When it comes to manifesting relationships, self-confidence means believing that you are succeeding because your goal is to make the person you want in your life happy! They already make you happy and you have decided to make them feel the same way. That’s how I see it.

5 thoughts on “Manifesting Relationships – Does it Matter What Kind?

  1. Hi Nina,

    You wrote something here that really made me wonder…. “they already make you happy and you have decided to make them feel the same way”

    For some of manifesting relationships, we love our specific person, but there are some things that they have done that don’t make us happy about their behavior towards us or the current reality. In those cases the negative feelings interfere with the love and desire. How do we overcome that? Or does it mean that we should find someone that makes us 100% happy?

    Thanks, C


    1. You have to either forgive them or move on but that part is up to you. No one else can make that decision for you. If you have decided to forgive, focus on what you like about them and then, even more things you like about the person will appear.


      1. Thanks Nina, I just wasn’t sure if the reason I was having issues with the manifestation was because their are times that his behavior does not make me happy.

        Thank you for the response.


      2. It is because you allow it to make you unhappy. It’s about your feelings, not about his actions xx


      3. Thanks Nina, I’ve been trying to focus on visualizing and affirmations, but I’ve also been feeling a little off with my well being with a lot of muscle tension, headaches and overall just tired. I’m not sure if that had to do with anything?


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