2 thoughts on “Reminder of the Day 

  1. Hi Nina
    Yes I know what you mean!🙂
    I know a woman who says she’s has depression. I offered a positive suggestion. Eft and Pono. She responds with, ‘she tends to stay away from those kinds of things.’ She doesn’t even know what they are! What I heard her say was, ‘I love my unhappiness more.’
    I walked away. I wish I knew I could just walk away all those years with all those people. She has a choice and she’s choosing to stick with her pact with unhappiness. The thing is she has nothing to be depressed about! She focuses on negativity and is never grateful for anything!
    It’s got nothing to do with the person has to be ready to work on themselves. They just don’t want to allow any happiness or joy to come into their lives. They like to suffer more.


    1. Not allowing happiness to come into one’s life means they’re not ready to change which means they don’t want to, same thing 🙂 But it’s up to them. We all do things for ourselves. I love my happiness 😀


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