LoA and My Life in 2016

I wanted to give you guys an update on my life. I want to document what I do, especially now that I am looking forward to new challenges, opportunities and events as I have just introduced a great new change to my life.

I worked as an independent associate with one university but decided I had accomplished everything I desired and chose to leave this collaboration behind. I had created a program of counselling and seminars for this university unique to the entire country; this type of work was meaningful, challenging and an irreplaceable opportunity. I wanted to leave this job sooner but then realized I hadn’t accomplished everything just yet; this opportunity contributed to my personal satisfaction as well as my professional.

Ever since making the decision to leave, I have been dedicating all my time to writing. I plan on finishing my second book very soon and with that, the year 2016 might be the year I self-published two books. How cool is that!? It definitely is to me.

That was me at age thirty one. I turn thirty two on January 5th.

I have lived about five different lives. Different countries, people and work offered me everything I wanted and I wanted all those lives. I had five lives and a million dreams. Now, especially with my work concluding when I wanted it to, I am ready to move countries once again. Having been close to my family for two or three years was great after being away from them for six years before that and it offered different dynamics which I was craving at the time. I continued to travel and collaborate with various people while spending more time close to my family and now, I need a change once again. I want that change and I look forward to it.

We often discuss love and relationships in this community so let’s talk about that now.

Everyone in this community already chose their perfect person – I might not currently have a great love to manifest but I am open to it! That’s a good start, don’t you think? I look forward to the next chapter. I must admit that I hadn’t missed being in a relationship – many members of this community are or have manifested being in one but I wasn’t ready for the one just yet, if you want to put it that way. And I knew it. There were however options yet had I felt the need for them, they would have eluded me. I have a great family and friends to share love and happiness with. I have met some new, amazing people and all of this blended into an attitude that ensured meeting quality men throughout this time.

This year however, I manifested some great friendships. I had also reaffirmed some existing friendships which showed me whom I wanted to stay close to. I want to keep my friends but some are just closer than others and that’s perfectly fine. Others we stay close with no matter how much time passed. I love these nuances of relationships and life, as they provide fascinating change and dynamics. We all share fun times with each other which is enough to remain appreciative of one another.

Now, I look forward to sharing the news of my new life! Just as importantly, I feel as if it’s 2017 and I am exactly where I wanted to be.

I want to hear about your favorite manifestation of 2016! Please share.

LOVE you all! 😀

16 thoughts on “LoA and My Life in 2016

  1. Hi Nina,

    Thanks for sharing the update to your life. It’s fun to hear from you too because I think we all talk so much about our lives, our hopes and desires, it nice to know and hear about yours as well since you are the reason we all have met and have a community here.

    Thank you for that.

    As for my manifestations, I’m glad I was able to manifest a few trips with my guy. I’m still learning how to change my beliefs around a relationship but at least I was able to see him a few times and learn about my resistance and beliefs I need to change. I also really enjoyed seeing him and being able to spend time with him

    I’m also looking forward to my relationship with this guy, and perfect health this year, as well as experiencing lots of joy and love from everyone

    Thank you Nina. Here’s to the best year yet!
    Love, C

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    1. I love that, C!! What a great start to the relationship – a few trips together – and taking any relationship one or few steps at a time is smart. Lots of love!


  2. Hi Nina and Everyone.

    I have to many favourite things to type about what I manifested this year.

    Only 3 days ago I asked the Universe for a blender with a glass jug. Today I had to go into my nearest store because they didn’t receive them at the other store i was posted to on Saturday. I went in to fax them off and the assistant manager at the store came up to me out of no where and said look at this blender! its brand new! I looked at her and in her hands was glass jug blender and she knew instantly (we are very close) that I wanted it, a glass jug blender and said “Do you want it?” Haha I said yes. We don’t sell electrical at my store so for it to come to my ‘home’ store was even more amazing. I just made myself a green smoothie and its sitting next to me as I type this. Haha..

    Its amazing to keep being reminded how quickly you get what you want when you ask and let go. I wish i could remember that in all areas of things I want to manifest.

    I’m grateful that we are speaking again and he is not blocking me no matter what I say to him. So I guess that is pretty huge. ❤

    Funnily its HIM that has shown me how to forgive and that in the end that love conquers all.

    I did want to share this article i found – I really bonded with it and there is one line in there that has stuck with me. "Give up early and often" – meaning/like what i did with the blender. If you read the whole article you see what she is talking about.


    Thanks ❤

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  3. Hi Nina,

    Its been yet another fantastic year with all the ups and downs. I totally relish all the life experiences as it is helping me to evolve continuously and its quiet fascinating. I cannot categorise my manifestations as less or more favourite – every manifestation has been unique and exciting! Happy to say I am living the way I feel like and achieve things I desire – this is not the end it keeps changing as the nature and change is natural 🙂

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  4. Hi Nina

    I have some questions please. I’m sorry to put it on your happy post but…

    My question is 1) why can’t i let go?
    I know you will say it is belief and attachment but what I am asking is..
    2) WHY is the fear there in the first place?
    3) What is it that I am really afraid of?

    With the other people I attracted I got sad and gave up. With him It is a genuine fear, a gut wrenching pain and the more I try to let go the bigger the fear gets (i know that is obvious) I have actually been physically and mentally emotionally psyching myself up to do it. To let go completely like you said in the email and it is not working. It makes me panic more.
    I know you will maybe say that I fear he won’t come back but what I want to know is..
    4) Why is the fear there with him but it wasn’t with with anyone else?
    5) Were those people not as important?
    6) Was i not really in love with them / loved him?
    5) Am I trying to protect myself from some kind of pain coming to me?

    Thank you.


    1. Because you feel that he is so important, you have attachment which makes you question your value. He can be important to you but you also must believe you are good enough to receive what you want.

      Not good enough “for him” but that you deserve to be happy.


  5. Did you find the answer, Gretta, cause I have the same questions/fears. I read, visualize, journal, try to feel as if but I still have doubts because he doesn’t contact me.

    He is all I want. I love him.


  6. Thank you Nina for your honestly and this forum. I appreciate you.
    I’m new to LoA. I found your site about 3 months ago I’m the middle of the night (searching for clarity to why things like this happen) after the breakup with my boyfriend. I became a student of LoA instantly. Not to get him back necessarily but to improve myself. Plus, it’s not about him, it’s about ME.

    Since that night things have manifested in my life that have proven to be for the better, making me realize that the breakup was supposed to occur. And for that I’m AM grateful. Don’t get me wrong I do love him , but I love myself more.

    I look forward for the new year but why wait for 2017 to start? I’ve started my new journey 3 weeks ago, (I’m working on my Vision Board) and I’m looking forward to manifesting the best life for ME.
    Thank you again Nina.

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  7. Hi Nina,

    I appreciate your website and forum.
    Many things are finally coming together for me. I keep meeting other people writing books on similar subjects…then we discover our paths have crossed before.
    We always do a book swap and review each other’s work…amazing.
    My book is on Amazon Kindle, if you were in the UK, I’d send you one.
    Its called ‘Magical Healing Beliefs’ by Edina Atkinson (my pen name)

    Thanks again for your words of wisdom which is helping me develop patience and persistence.
    I’m finally grasping the concept of ‘letting go’ and it feels comfortable and exciting…for the first time ever.

    Hugs and best wishes for the season.


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