Thought of the Day 

I had no worry about leaving any job that no longer served my wellbeing, ever. 

The lesson learned was,

Law of Attraction works easily when something you want is just not a big deal (to you). It’s normal, natural and it always works out. 

If what you want feels like a big deal, it might not be natural to you. The goals is for living your desire to feel normal because normal equals no resistance.

3 thoughts on “Thought of the Day 

  1. Hi Nina,

    I’ve been feeling a little bit better lately. I heard about him the other day and saw a picture of him on facebook that a mutual friend posted, and it was nice to feel warmly and with love towards him too.

    I’ve been able to pick up with visualizations and affirmations again, but I haven’t heard from him

    I’ve thought about contacting him myself but I’m a little nervous. What are your thoughts… should I wait til I feel confident or is it ok to reach out when you’re still a little nervous? . Should I just wait for him to reach out?

    Thank you,


    1. ONLY contact when you feel good about the idea of it and want nothing in return, just like we said in the past. Also, noticing the current reality in which he is not contacting you goes against your desired reality so you must stop paying attention to it. Consciously remove yourself from the bad habit of thinking about your current reality. Force yourself to stop.


      1. HI Nina,

        After reading your reply here, I was looking for an article on current reality because I know you’ve written on this topic before. This was the first one that caught my attention:

        OMG… I can’t even tell you how this has been my life the past couple of days. First, I caught the cold from hell. I’m already off work, but I still have a lot of Xmas Shopping to finish, so I decided I still needed to get out despite how I felt.

        On my way to the stores, my car died just a few miles from my house. I had to call the tow truck, but of course that ruined my shopping plans as its really hard to get around on public transportation where I live. The mechanic hasn’t confirmed yet, but it looks like the repairs needed are not justified because of the age of the car and I will need to look into buying a new car (a little stressed about that because of the expense)

        Can you believe it? Does this mean that energy is rearranging itself in my life?

        Another thing to note, I have really loved my car, but the past couple of years, my car has really started to show its age, and I had a huge dent that I didn’t feel was worth fixing on the front hood, because the car was too old. But, because of that, I always feel a little embarassed driving it, and I’ve even had feelings of resistance around my guy coming to visit because I was embarassed of the car. I was even wondering who I would need to borrow or rent a car from so that I would feel comfortable driving him around if he decided to come

        What are your thoughts on this Nina?



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