Use Your Words to Create Positive Feelings!

Good evening everyone!

I thought long and hard about everything my comeback article should contain. Actually, I tried not to think long and hard, having felt it was leading to no solution, but still had to tell myself to stop thinking several times so I count it as “thinking long and hard.”

In conclusion, I want to talk about what exactly wording means when it comes to the Law of Attraction and one’s conviction of their desire manifesting. The words we use to boost our belief matter but not in the way you might think.

When it comes to LoA, the words used to express your desire manifesting only matter in the sense of choosing the phrasing that makes you feel like your desire is truly manifesting. Choose the words that make you feel good and truly make you feel like you’re on the right track.

Say “It’s happening right now!” if you prefer feeling that your desire is manifesting soon, any day now or at any time that is soon but not this very moment. Some prefer saying and knowing their desire is manifesting but not express that it’s here already if that feels unnatural. Some let go easily when they know their desire is coming soon.

Say “It’s mine” if you like feeling that it is yours and created fully already. Some prefer to think it’s theirs already and don’t fear imagining it even if it hasn’t manifested yet (because they know it will).

Say “It’s a done deal!” if you just feel good knowing it is yours and this specific phrasing makes you forget about any possible manifestation time period. Words only matter when they boost our positive feelings. 

Believe me, this works! This type of approach allows you to choose the wording that makes you feel good and confident in your desired manifestation; by extension, this approach allows you to let go, as we cannot let go before knowing and feeling good about our desires belonging to us.

I have used different wording for different desires. If the same wording makes you feel good with every single manifestation, use it! If you want to use your own wording to boost your belief, go for it!

After all, the point is to…


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