A Positive Individual’s Manifestation Method

My entire approach to manifestation is based on being a positive person – it’s what I’m used to, it’s organic, it feels right. I love having unwavering faith that my desire is manifesting and since positive energy coming from within helps the Law of Attraction work without effort, it makes me feel connected to my desires and love from the Universe.

Having everything I want is what feels most natural to me. Whenever I thought that I could compromise what I wanted just to accomplish some other goal (without reason, because we can have everything), I ended up partially displeased – this was when I learned that I only accept having everything I want and nothing less. “Partially displeased” is not worth it.

I am only happy when I have everything I want and to get it, I assume that I have it already. Everything we feel is reflected in our realities.

Positive energy works easily with knowing that one’s desire is manifesting; however, you don’t have to be an unnaturally positive person but only need to know that your desire is going to manifest. Knowing is key.


Not being a positive person at least in part and not feeling good about yourself always leads to the risk of your desire slipping out of your hands after it is manifested. At the same time, if you’re comfortable the way you are while knowing that your manifestation is going to come to you and stay, you’re probably fine.

Why be positive?

Being a positive person is worth it in itself and for yourself! Positive attitude ensures approaching others in the same fashion and them being drawn to you.

Being a positive person means automatically assuming that your desires are going to manifest. Sometimes, you will know exactly how and at other times, you will just know they will in the most amazing way and let them go. However, emitting love helps you feel nothing but love for your desire and switch from every negative thought that comes to your mind back to feeling love instead.

A positive attitude helps you figure out what you truly want in life. When you’re happy, more happiness comes into your life, including the realization of what else would make you happy – easy, right?

A positive attitude helps the process of letting go of your desire in order to manifest it. I always say that happy people can think about plenty of things and still be happy but those that are not as positive as they would like to be cling to the thoughts of their desire because they see it as their chance at happiness. However, clinging to the thoughts of one’s desire and not enjoying anything else shows (or, creates) attachment and leads to eventually being unhappy with the prospect of one’s desire manifesting in addition to everything else. On the other hand, positive individuals find happiness in many things in life, from exciting events and circumstances to unwinding and resting.


How to be positive…

Positive energy is easily generated and love is felt with gratitude. Feeling grateful for your desire as if it has manifested already allows you to see yourself having it and manifest it as a result. This we already knew but it can never be said too much.

Focus on the gratitude you feel for your desire being yours after you see yourself having it even just for a few seconds. Both the gratitude and the knowing that your desire belongs to you allow you to make it happen fast and prove that you’re a positive person who can give up the need to control and believe in miracles. Being this person comes from feeling good about yourself and therefore believing that you deserve to have what you want; being the person who enjoys self-love means doing whatever you have to do to feel good and be happy. Be grateful and be trusting.

After all, gratitude is still the fastest and the most effective method, if you ask me.

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