Specific Wording and Manifesting Relationships – Use YOUR Words to Create Positive Manifestations!

Let’s talk about manifesting relationships because I have always found that the correct internal verbal expression of those relationships (which is different for every single individual) leads to positive thoughts and visualization which lead to belief.

Do you prefer to tell yourself that your desired relationship belongs to you already or internally state that it is going to manifest soon?

Which specific wording suits you better?

Some feel unnatural believing their relationships belong to them already but do feel good knowing that everything will come together soon. Others feel great about knowing that everything has already been worked out on an invisible level and just has to manifest in reality. Others genuinely feel good knowing that a relationship might manifest or that it might not, whatever feels best – there is a great deal of individuals out there who don’t practice LoA consciously when it comes to relationships because they feel it ruins the element of surprise. 

It doesn’t matter which of these groups you belong to – with positive wording, the wording that feels good to you, you can allow yourself to let go of your relationship to manifest.

Any positive wording you choose will instantly be followed by the feeling as well as spontaneous visualization of your desire as if it has manifested already; however, some prefer to say to themselves that the relationship belongs to them already while others like to say it’ll happen soon. Choose the words that feel good because feeling good leads to manifesting rapidly and effortlessly.

You can also opt for an expression that has no timestamp – without defining the manifestation time of a specific desire, you can use one of the two sayings I have suggested in the past:

“It’s happening right now!” or “It’s a done deal – thank You!”

Using one of these expressions is perfect for removing your thoughts from any specific time your manifestation might come about. You just know that it’s yours without obsessing about the details.

Timestamp-free expression of your desired relationship is perfect for you if your attachment to the relationship you desire is high enough to cause negative feelings.

Timestamp-free expression will remove your attachment. If you have been experiencing attachment so strong you are aware of it, commit to this new way of describing your desired manifestation today.

I have used the timestamp-free method on several occasions of attracting people into my life. This method is highly effective because it leads to knowing while removing the need to know when. Using this method will remind you that the sooner you let go, the sooner you will manifest and refusing to worry about “how” or “when” is going to allow for letting go.

Try it and you’ll see. And, of course, report back!


19 thoughts on “Specific Wording and Manifesting Relationships – Use YOUR Words to Create Positive Manifestations!

  1. Hi Nina,

    I decided to reach out recently just to reestablish contact with my guy. I didn’t want to have expectations, but just feel us saying hello

    He responded that he had just been thinking to say hello the other day too, and then asked if I had any plans to visit the city where he lives (my company has a big office there)

    We talked just a couple more exchanges, at which point, I was hoping he would invite me, but he never did and then he didn’t respond to my last text

    The problem I’m having is that late last year, I started experiencing this intermittent back pain. It’s making it difficult for me to sleep well at night and has really started to exhaust me and get a little worse. I’m wondering if this pain is making it difficult for me to focus on the positive?

    My last question is… last time I saw him, as I had told you, I wasn’t happy with his behavior, but then I tried to see how I caused it, and started to let it go and feel happy again. However, he never called me to try to see me again …. why is this? If I had recovered , shouldn’t my positivity have overtaken my negative thoughts?

    Why does it seem, like so much work to maintain the feeling of the wish fulfilled? It almost seems that this is normal and that it is work to maintain that ?

    Thank you, C


    1. It might be the other way around – your worry about your personal life has manifested into physical pain, since everything we conceive intentionally or unintentionally in our minds first is what we receive.
      If what you want isn’t manifesting, you are not feeling that it is happening or that it possibly could.
      Everything is difficult right now because you feel a subconscious notion that your relationship with him is always a struggle. That seems to be your strongest belief and our strongest beliefs tend to be what we accept as the truth. You must start to accept your hope and positive belief as the truth. Also, believe that your relationship can be easy from now on and look at it that way, as what we deem difficult is what we usually don’t believe we can achieve.


    2. In addition, you continuously perceive your relationship as a process, a struggle, so you always end up in the situations of initiating contact yet again. Visualize your end result of being with him until it starts to feel natural. Be persistent.


  2. Hi Nina ❤

    I've read some amazing books in my life but I had to come online and tell you that Get Inspired and Attract Relationships has had the most moving and profound affect on me and my life. I was laying down reading your book and I came to the part where you say….

    "I want you to think about something – have you shut yourself off from love? You may have felt that the person you chose didn't love you but is it possible that you didn't genuinely love them?

    If you experienced problems in your relationship or its manifestation, there wasn't enough love in it. You can now make peace with that notion and turn to a new, loving relationship which you already know you can manifest.

    Feeling love for the person you chose makes manifestation easy. If you didn't love the person you chose for who they are and accepted them as well as their current life circumstances in the process, you have created resistance to your manifestation."

    The last paragraph for me is the most profound few lines in this whole journey. You are such as amazing writer that this had me bawling for about 20 minutes! Big flood of emotion when I realised something. If you look carefully at what you have written above its actually the key to why everyone on here has not manifested the person they want to be with because everyone says they love their person but they don't, not genuinely or unconditionally. They are either pissed off at the way he acts or annoyed that he isn't contacting them. That falls into not genuine love and acceptance. – but not only that, for me personally, its 3 paragraphs that just changed my life. Seriously. Changed it. When I read your book and posts I just think you are the most amazing person I have ever come into contact with. Not many people would have the patience to keep repeating the same thing over and over and keep helping. Thats genuine love. I want to thank you for everything you do for all of us. Those last 2 lines made me realise something huge. I don't want to go into details on the site so I will email you what i realised.

    Love x

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    1. Those who have succeeded can definitely confirm that true love means nothing but love and belief for your desire. Every time I manifest a specific person as a friend or partner, I focus only on love and appreciation for them. You pointed that one out very well.


  3. Hi Nina

    Just wanted to come here and let you know of something I attracted on the side.

    For a few years every time I walk outside my front door I see this massive beautiful cactus over my neighbours fence. Its around 7.5 tall and a meter wide. ( I didn’t know that at that stage, all I could see was the top of it)

    Anyway, I had a guy living next door to me and I said to him I would love a cutting of that cactus for my backyard. I am doing tropical/desert Yes I am going to combine the 2 somehow (lol) Anyway he said he would give me a 3 prong cutting of it. (A piece that has 3 shoots coming off it, around a meter tall each piece) Cut a long story short he ended up moving out and forgot to give me the cutting and I thought oh well doesn’t matter and let it go. I do remember feeling a bit defeated.

    Anyway, about a week after he moves out another guy moves in and I think to myself I will ask the new owner if I can have a cutting of it, but I am too nervous to go over and ask a stranger if I can have a plant from their yard! (LOL) I do at one stage remember thinking after the new guy moved in – that plant is mine, the entire plant – not knowing the size of it but again I just thought oh well doesn’t matter and forgot.

    This Thursday while walking home from work I am looking at my phone and I am walking past the front of the neighbours house and on the grass is 4 massive cuttings of the cactus! I was so happy I picked them up and bought them into my back yard. So chuffed I kept looking at them kinda in disbelief at how quickly letting go makes it come so fast. ( I do that every time haha)

    Anyway thinking that I had gotten my cuttings I am walking home from work this Friday and I see something on my neighbours grass and I run over and IT IS THE ENTIRE PLANT! ROOTS AND ALL! I Couldn’t believe it. That this new owner had taken the only plant I wanted out of his backyard and put it on his front lawn and I was the person walking past who saw it! The person who asked for it! Where the plant was positioned in his house was not in the way for him so I can’t work out why he only removed THAT plant and nothing else! Haha! I really felt this plant wanted to be with me as much as I wanted it! ❤

    With all my might I dragged this massive cactus into my backyard by the roots!! I then spent the rest of the evening marvelling at this magnificent plant but I think I kept going outside because I just couldn't believe that the entire plant was delivered to me the best way it could be. With me doing absolutely nothing except saying it was mine and forgetting about it.

    My roommate knows how much I wanted that plant. When she came home I had the side curtains to my house closed I said to her oh I was walking home today and ripped opened the curtains and she was in just as much shock as I and her mouth was wide open and we are staring at this massive cactus through the window in disbelief and she says in her broken English what I had felt when I saw it on neighbours front lawn! She said – "This plant really wanted to be with you!"

    Made my day!

    Yay! 🙂

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    1. That is fantastic!!!!!! Thank you for telling me, for telling all of us. And I can just imagine how beautiful that cactus must be 🙂 ❤


    2. Hi Gretta,

      Very cool manifestation. It’s really nice to see you on here too. I miss reading your manifestations on here and everyone else’s too 🙂



      1. The one thing that made it come only days after saying it was mine was not wanting or caring if it came anymore. With me doing absolutely nothing except saying it was mine and forgetting about it and not caring there was the entire plant days later. Still gobsmacked haha!

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  4. Hi Nina,

    When you are visualizing, how do you make sure that you are in the visualization?

    Last year, I kept trying to manifest a vacation together to this island I’ve been wanting to go too. He actually went there last year, without me. It seemed like I was able to manifest it, just not me in it.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you,


  5. Hi Nina

    Can you just say, “Its mine!” With determination and conviction with maybe a thank you on the end or should I say it the way you say it in the article above? It feels so powerful to say, “It’s mine!”

    Thanks ❤

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  6. Hi, is anyone still here? Been feeling a little lonely lately and miss the conversations on here. I hope everyone is doing well 🙂


  7. Hi C

    Want an update?

    Well I’ve attracted a lot of things since i was on here 4 weeks ago. One being me visualizing once my underwear draw overflowing with underwear lol. I ended up attracting 43 brand new pairs from work, for free in 2 weeks. We never get new underwear in the store and now I cant close my draw properly! Hahahaha

    I attracted $2000.00 for car repairs. All i said was, “Universe I need $2000 to fix my car. A few weeks later I get an email from a relative saying they wanted to give me some money. You can guess the amount. 🙂

    So true just ask for what you want, forget the how, basically completely forget is how i work now and boom there it is. I just forget it completely.

    But the best thing I attracted was when I said, ‘wouldn’t it be cool if XXX contacted me on a weekend?” (he never has) The next day he did in the morning. The day after this I said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if XXX asked me how my day was?” Forgot about it. The next day hes messaged me asking how my day was. He has never done that either!

    I’d call that a Miracle. I’d call this entire turn around between he and I a miracle. Its now been 2 months or so of constant contact and no fighting. All of this come about because I just send love and I accepted that sometimes he doesn’t read my messages or replies immediate. That’s all I did. Just accepted him as he is. In the last 2 months I had maybe one down day and thats because my mind ran away with stupid thoughts but I was able to bring myself back to it.

    It’s mine!


  8. Hi Nina,
    I am honestly addicted to your blog and bought your books at Amazon and even left a comment there. You are amazing and it gave me a lot of motivation and my belief in manifesting a specific person has skyrocketed because of your books and blog. I have been wanting to manifest a romantic relationship with a specific person for nearly 2 years now, and it is just recently that I am genuinely feeling good.
    He is my best friend and I knew from the beginning that I would end up having a relationship with him. Because all roads lead to him, I prayed, meditated, asked for signs but it always lead to him. I don’t have any other person of interest, and I prayed that if he is not meant for me, then please show me another man, but no one is coming to my life.
    Of course there are times that I feel doubts, loneliness and I wanted to manifest him now, but that only lasts for a few minutes and I am back to my happy and contented self knowing that it is a done deal and that I am with him right now. I let go of my desires, and I know that I have to fill my self love tank, my patience tank, my forgiveness tank in order to manifest him in my life.
    I am always thankful of the small things that he does for me like text messages, calls, email because I know it will lead to that “big” thing if you know what I mean. So, I just need to express my gratitude, I am 100% sure that my manifestation will come soon, I know 2 years is a long time for others, but for me, it is just the right amount of time because it gave me a luxury of working on myself, increasing self love, appreciating and loving him just the way he is, because I will be with him for a lifetime!


    1. Hi!! 🙂 Thank you so much 😀 I love your positive attitude and I know you can make this happen! Stay happy, positive and motivated, and you’ll get there 😀


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