Your Belief and Organic Happiness

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“You are in touch with everything that is natural to a human being – your mindset, mood, energy, feeding regimen, health, style and chosen methods of exercise prove it,” one of my closest friends said to me about a week ago. We talked about exercise because I had gone swimming the day before – being an avid swimmer, got an intense workout out of it. We talked about my love for the water and it being a natural element as well as one of my favorite surroundings; as the discussion progressed into my veganism, my friend said that he found my choices very natural and very easy to enjoy for that very reason.

“You can’t reprogram people’s minds for them – the best you can do is to teach them to focus on what they want instead of their fears and negative feelings, teach them to believe in themselves and let them do the work because we all create our own lives,” he said in addition.

What I do is tell them that they must be happily persistent in focusing on their desired realities instead of the current or their fears.

I was recently asked how to achieve focus on the positive instead of one’s fears by a reader in the blog comments section. Visualizing having what you want, allowing yourself to be happy about it without engaging in negative feelings and changing your focus to positive when negativity tempts you instead of worrying about all the what-ifs is the core of believing consciously.

When a lack of belief translated as engaging in fear or negative feelings becomes the center of one’s focus, attachment happens. Then, fears of not getting what one desires or the feeling of waiting are formed. This can be prevented by continuing to focus on one’s desire consciously, choosing confidence and self-love over fear.

Living a life of continuously prioritizing positive feelings over the negative creates a happy, confident and loving awareness.

I cannot describe how effective it is to imagine having what you want happily while ignoring your negative thoughts. Before you know it, imagining that you have what you want translates to your mind immediately firing back with “It’s mine already!” to any negative thought – when you commit to the gratitude for living your desired reality and ignoring your negative thoughts or dismissing them as powerless over you, things fall into place fast.

You must be strong enough to ignore your negative thoughts and you can achieve that with self-love.

If you continuously go back to engaging in doubt and notice that you still haven’t manifested what you want which makes you doubt even more, it is up to you to choose to believe instead. Belief allows for letting go while continuously being distracted and set back by negative thoughts shows disbelief and refusal to let go. If you believe, you don’t doubt while continuously doubting that you can have what you want shows that you don’t actually believe.

This reader also asked how to let go and my answer is, by engaging in what makes you happy already in addition to seeing your desired reality being yours. Once you have stopped engaging in negative thoughts and giving them any power, you will have let go to manifest.

2 thoughts on “Your Belief and Organic Happiness

  1. Thank you so much for this Nina. This resonated with me:

    “You must be strong enough to ignore your negative thoughts…”

    It really is important not to let your mind “control” you… it should be the other way around.

    I love your blog by the way…I re-read your articles to inspire me and remind me that what I want I will manifest.

    Liked by 1 person

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