(The Idea of) Manifestation, Before and After

Do you put more time into thinking about your desire manifesting rather than living with it after it does?

The need for manifestation can be strong enough to tempt one into focusing on the manifestation part alone…but what happens after?

When one chooses to focus on the manifestation part alone, they are guided by need instead of love. True love for one’s desired life allows for seeing oneself living that life instead of just experiencing a high from a desire manifested.

When you think about receiving or living your desired reality, are you honest with yourself? Do you want to just receive your desired reality or do you want to live it every day? Do you see the difference?

Manifestation is all about choosing what you would love to be living today and loving it.

When it comes to what I want in life, I want it to be a constant presence. I want it in my life every day. I feel comfortable living (with) it every day because I want to live it every day. Feeling good when manifesting is important because those feelings allow for positive manifestations and shift focus to the end result instead of the current need for instant fulfilment.

feelings law of attraction quote quotes manifestation happiness happy
This is what happens when you start to feel good – happy feelings produce happy manifestations.

In order to distinguish between the need for instant result and true love for your manifestation, think about this – how often have you felt poorly about something you wanted to manifest just because you had noticed that it hasn’t happened yet? You might have been bouncing around from one manifestation method to another, hoping for instant result instead of imagining having your end result and allowing it to sink into your awareness.

This particular state of mind can be a nuisance and it can last for as long as you engage in it. Some worry that they hadn’t manifested their desire yet but this type of worry comes from noticing your desire missing from your life which comes from need. Those who engaged in this way of thinking didn’t imagine having what they wanted but noticed that they didn’t have it yet, looking for new ways of achieving immediate results instead of allowing for those results to be reached on their own while the time passed anyway.

In order to achieve what you desire, visualize your life now that you have it. The more you do so, the more you will feel it being yours. You will naturally let it go to manifest after you truly feel it being yours but for that, you must see it or at least choose to believe in it.

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