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Getting Used to Happiness

When you’re happy, you naturally see yourself having what you want.

Happiness is being your true self and being proud of or at least happy about it, no matter who it is you feel happy being. As long as the main reason for being and expressing your true self is love, you won’t see any reason not to. 

Love can be stifled when others tell you to not be yourself but only if you allow it. Love cannot burn out unless you put it out yourself. When you’re happy just being yourself, you are experiencing and feeling love. You are living it.

You can be happy seeing yourself in your current or desired reality as long as you don’t sink into bad mood when remembering your current reality post visualization, for example. Being grateful for what you can in your current will you bring your desired reality about.

Feeling good about myself is what makes me happy. Feeling confident makes me happy. Feeling great about living whatever I want to makes me happy, as well as going to places I want while feeling like I deserve it. I might not express gratitude in those exact words but I express it anyway.

What would make me unhappy is guilt. It would be setting aside my own happiness for whatever reason or purpose. It would be the fear of living life. Coming across people who are or have been guided by guilt their entire lives, I see how useless it is. I believe everyone knows how pointless guilt can be, as it usually leads to depriving oneself of the things one should be enjoying due to thinking that happiness means greed.

One must be comfortable with happiness if one wishes to manifest all of one’s desires. Staying calm while knowing it’s all going to happen, that it’s happening right now, is when I’m at my happiest.

Don’t let yourself sink when you return to your current reality from the visualization of your desired one – if you maintain your belief and stay on a high vibration with the help of gratitude, your life will change quickly.


It’s all about getting used to living on a high vibration; once you get used to it, all the guilt will disappear. Getting used to living on a high vibration lets you become heart-driven. If I feel any less than spectacular, it just feels weird. It feels like it isn’t me. It feels like something is missing, no matter where I am or what I’m doing – knowing that happiness comes from within and is produced nowhere but within makes me understand that nothing or no one else is capable of solving my worries. 

When I’m happy, I am comfortable having what I want. Many experience discomfort at the thought of living their desired realities, fearing they might lose them after gaining them, feel inadequate living them or never gain them in the first place. These feelings come from guilt or low self-esteem; knowing that you and only you can resolve and remove those feelings will help you get started on doing so. Then, you will be on your way to living on a high vibration.

Happiness can produce great amounts of excitement but let’s talk about why it is important to feel comfortable with the idea of living your desire in order to manifest quickly and effortlessly. Being comfortable with living your desire equals being comfortable living on a high vibration.

Some experience discomfort by getting too excited about their desire – a concept that reads happy but isn’t so when used to describe a desire not yet manifested. Experiencing excessive excitement about a desire not yet manifested can feel like fear, as fear and excitement tend to produce similar signals in our bodies. This is why excitement and fear produce conflicting emotions. Think about it – how many times have you gotten very excited about the prospect of your desired manifestation but moments later, began looking for reasons why it might not happen? Excitement works only when combined with the comfort of having your desire in your life.

Self-comfort goes hand in hand with self-confidence and it allows you to start living on a high vibration effortlessly. If you feel comfortable having something in your life and accept it being there, you don’t resist it and you see yourself living it.

Getting used to living on a high vibration will become easy once you start nurturing positive thoughts. Be happy, visualize positively and express gratitude – it will allow you to become as happy as you always wanted to be.

12 thoughts on “Getting Used to Happiness

  1. Hi Nina!

    First, thank you for all your posts! I love how you advocate a personalized way of applying LOA. So many other blogs are so strict about living “as if” you already have your desire that it made me fear I was doing something wrong. But your personalized way of teaching it made so much sense – how people would use affirmations and visualizations differently depending on their personality.

    My approach has become: I’ve shifted the reality I believe in to the one I desire. It’s there, it exists, and I’m just waiting for external circumstances to match this reality that I’ve shifted to. I’m pretty sure I’m feeling it right now, the “as if”.
    I’ve got two questions though. One of them is about telling others about my desired reality. When people ask “have you ended up with X”, I initially feel an impulse to say yes. Then I remember external circumstances don’t yet match that, and they may end up seeing it as “lying”. How do you recommend dealing with that?
    The other is about letting go. Because my approach to it has been essentially “just waiting for external circumstances to match my believed reality”, I am confused about how I should let it go. Should I not think about this person as much as I do? Should I not anticipate the time external circumstances change? Should I try to limit my thoughts or expectations?

    Thanks in advance, you truly are a wonderful person!


    1. Hi!! 😀 Thank you so much! I see that your approach is consisted of basically knowing that it’s all coming together and being OK with what is by extension.
      I would say to them, “Getting there, everything is happening the way I wanted!” They aren’t used to hearing that and won’t really know what to say to that except “Good for you!” The right catchphrase solves all problems 😉
      You should always expect it to come together but not feel like you’re “waiting” for it. Waiting is a negative awareness and it indicates not having it. Just know that it’s yours already and coming together right now so very soon, the entire world will be able to see that it is yours 😉
      If you catch yourself waiting, just remind yourself that it’s yours already. Knowing that you have it means knowing that it’s yours already even if you can’t see it so you see how there’s no “waiting” that way 🙂
      Lots of love!!


  2. Nina I want to move to my dream destination and even a specific apartment complex . Is this possible and how can I do it?


    1. Hello David! You can absolutely do it in the same way we use LoA for anything else. Think about being there and living there for as long as it makes you happy and be sure that it is going to happen. Think about the most important parts and reasons for being happy to live there and be grateful that this happened for you, as if it happened already 🙂 Think about how it feels to live there and love your life to such an extent.
      This way, you will start to believe that it is possible and manifest it fast! xx


  3. Hi Nina,

    Really love your teachings – I was wondering if there’s anything specific we can visualise on prior to a date. I am manifesting a committed relationship with my SP and recently things are going good but it’s not to the next level that I want yet. I have been visualising and sending heart energy and I’m working on my own belief. I know it’s necessary to ignore the current reality – I know he has feelings for me but things have not yet escalated. He also knows I have feelings for him. I guess my q is how do I stick to that belief despite everything- I see him everyday actually…but thanks so much for all your teachings – they are really helpful…xoxo


    1. Hello! And thank you 🙂
      Right now, you are feeling the current reality to be more “real” than your desired one. This happens when one is guided by worry and a lack of personal satisfaction and self love instead of the love for their specific desire and for themselves.
      You will get to your desired belief by making self love your priority in order to feel that you deserve a happy life and in order to be happy every day, and by responding to your mind’s attempts to throw negative thoughts at you with a loving belief that your desire is already a done deal and that it will become the palpable reality for everyone to see any day now 🙂 That way, you will start to expect what you want to happen and then, it’ll happen xx


      1. Thanks so much for your reply Nina! I bought both your books and I love them and they totally resonate with me – so I’m actually starting reiki sessions to help me clear blockages/ past relationship ties that seem to be flushing out LOL

        I think the easiest for me is only think of him/ us when I feel happy and when I start doubting I try to think about something else immediately and not having a time limit per se makes me feel less anxious… what do you think?

        I also meditate/ do guided visualisations mostly for self-love because like you said, I believe that most importantly we have to love ourselves before we have any love to share with others…

        I’m looking forward to your next book! Perhaps you might like to record some guided visualisations? That would be very cool!!


        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think your idea of redirecting your thoughts is the essence of successful manifestation and always keeping yourself happy is key! Well done!
        I think you got a pretty good idea of how to do this but for guided visualization, I always suggest choosing what makes you the happiest – imagining circumstances or events with the other person that make you the happiest to think about are most important because visualization can either be used to manifest an exact event or to create the feeling of having what you want and then manifesting even greater events and circumstances in that desire than you had originally imagined. See what I mean? 😀


  4. Thanks for your response Nina! I get what you mean in that visualisations may not be literal per se…
    I think I do know what to do but it seems like I need reminders at times when some remnants (perhaps?) of old limiting beliefs try to make themselves known LOL
    Also, yes depending on his behaviour to measure the ‘progress’ is really tempting and seems ‘logical’ but I think I’m getting slightly better at ignoring it and trying to focus on what I want instead…
    All I can say is thanks so much for responding to our comments and the support and compassion/ kindness I feel from you is really heartwarming….

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Nina I just emailed you as there’s tremendous progress but needed your opinion on something would truly appreciate if you could provide some input 😁


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