How to Stop Being Afraid of Change

Have you ever experienced the feeling of living your desired reality stronger than you felt living in your current one?

If you have, you know it can either be completely amazing or overwhelming as much as amazing because a new life brings profound change. Your attitude towards that change will determine your comfort level and with that, the speed of your manifestation process (and we already know one must feel comfortable with living the life they wish to manifest!).

Imagine living the life you’re well acquainted with – your job or studies, spending time with friends and/or your partner, maybe setting your sights on a potential partner and being very interested in him or her, living in the home you know, travelling some and receiving the paycheck you are used to.

Now, imagine living an entirely different life, even if it was the one you wanted. You might be waking up in your new home, maybe in a new city or another country. You look in the mirror and see your perfect appearance, the way you wanted to see yourself. You are collaborating with entirely different people all of a sudden, in an entirely new way, for much more money. Your work dynamics changed. You might be feeling pressured to keep your new appearance instead of relaxing into it. You might be doubting your sudden success. Your days are filled with new commitments and thinking about entirely new things. On top of all of that, you have a home and a life with your perfect partner and if you have children together, they take up even more of your time. You love your life but it brings up new focus points, a new lifestyle and new commitments to juggle.

As amazing as it is, a change so profound can be scary at times. The thought of changing your routine entirely can make you feel a little uneasy…and that can slow down your manifestation process.


If you can make change feel good and look forward to it, you will want to see your life touched by it.

Experiencing your desired reality in your mind stronger than the current leads to fast manifestation but you must be ready for it!

For all these reasons, I personally must fill my desired life’s ideas and visualization process with positive energy. I thrive on positive energy! Positive energy is easily generated when I create something I would truly love to live which makes it easy to see myself and everyone else involved in that life sublimely happy.

Know what you want first! You have to know what moves you. Positive energy moves me and that is why I have to see myself happy. I believe that positive energy has the power to move anyone which is why happiness makes it easy to see oneself living one’s dream life.

If you need help accepting that life is going to change when you manifest your desires, think about the following.

The thought of living a new life is easily accepted when one realizes that the good things about one’s current life can be taken with them. Not everything absolutely has to change but the aspects that could improve should indeed and one should never prefer staying in a comfort zone of inadequate circumstances just because they feel familiar.

If you accept that change is good, a positive follow-up to creating your new life, you will be eager to create it.

If you accept change as a good thing, you will feel comfortable with the idea of an entirely different lifestyle.

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2 thoughts on “How to Stop Being Afraid of Change

  1. Hey, Nina, is me Juan, the 17 year old who had a crush on a person who was taken. Well now, hey are single, but I’m afraid I might mess it up. I’ve read your articles and know about inspired actions, but I don’t know what to do. I’m keeping myself happy (i’m currently trying to figure out what makes me happy as things I do I don’ think much about) and I know I should let the universe do its thing, but at the moment, I wonder if I should try talking to them or let the universe make up instance for me to talk to her. Just this morning, I believe I manifested a chance to talk to them and I did, but because it was vague, my conversation with her was also vague as it was a “hi” and that was it. I know that my desire is my goal, so I should take steps to achieving it with the universe helping, but what do I do to achieve it. Do I talk to them, or do I just wait it out? Should I make the first step and walk up to them and get to know them and just work on getting myself to the point of asking them out, or do I let the universe make all the shots and I just sit back. I know that the universe brings me my worked out desire, but I don’t know if I’m supposed to do more on my part than just keeping happy and strengthening my vibration, such as texting, talking, and flirting with them. I don’t know if I’m supposed to take those steps as my steps to achieving this desire, or if it will hinder as it may come off as I distrust the universe. What should I do?
    Thank you very much for making these articles! I can relate and learn from them and understand what I can do. I’m still in shock that the universe if allowing me a chance with them due to their end of their relationship, but I’m afraid to take a step due to not knowing what to do and that their relationship ended rocky due to how unstable it was. Have any advice for this too?


    1. Hello Juan! I’m sorry to have been absent for so long but I’m back now. I don’t know what might have happened in the meantime but please update me. When it comes to taking any action such as a conversation in this case, you should not think about it too much. You should only talk to someone if it makes you happy without expecting anything in return but if you focus on the end result, all the details in between will align. Let it happen the way it will but if you think about what you “should” be doing, you’re focusing on the how part instead of the end result. You are thinking about how to get what you want whereas you should be thinking about HAVING it already.
      If you let it go, the details will work themselves out. If you get a great idea of how to or just feel like asking your person out at some point, you will do it but an idea like that will come in an instant and be a product of the knowing that what you want is yours already. Focus on your belief and let everything else come to you xx


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