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Living in the Moment (for the Past Three Weeks)

Hello everyone! Wow, I didn’t realize how long it had been since I last posted until I just saw the date of my last article. I am so sorry but I am going to catch up with all your comments and emails very soon!

I had taken a little time off and it was good for the soul, as they say. A part of it was consisted of searching for new inspiration and another part was simply enjoying life. It takes very little time to regroup when you keep a positive attitude and allow yourself to relax.

I bought some new clothes and planned some new trips. I saw friends and spent time with family. Several times, I picked up a book and finished it within six hours, including breaks. I did some translating work. I took a trip to see my extended family over Easter weekend during which my cousin prepared some amazing vegan food for us. I accepted the honor of being a godmother/sponsor to our mutual cousin at her Confirmation which actually means that soon, I will have become a godmother to both of these cousins. I saw a friend who’s been living in Spain and whom I still haven’t visited there, and our mutual friend who is expecting her first child. I spent time with an old friend and her four-year-old daughter whose birthday party I have been invited to and for whom I already bought an amazing picture book. I spent money at Lush which always makes me happy. I caught up with close friends and old roommates, also my close friends, whom I used to share an apartment or just a city with but now, we all live in different countries and on different continents. I saw friends from elementary school and talked to some new people in my life. I am taking a family friend who is practically my little sister to another close friend’s wedding abroad. I took my parents’ dogs for grooming (I prefer the term “haircuts”) and they look absolutely amazing. I ate good food, meditated and worked on my photography. I was trying to relax and just enjoy everything I have, live in the moment without constantly pursuing novelty. I aimed to do it and did it; in the process, I somehow reconnected with myself in ways I didn’t expect.

More than anything, it was nice to just live in the moment. I am used to constantly attracting new things and as well as I know how to do it, it was interesting not to ask for anything for the past three weeks. It felt different and even a little odd; however, the time away from conscious manifestation allowed me to observe my methods and even shed some new light on them. I look forward to sharing all these new insights with you!

I love you all and I am so excited to talk to you again!

Love and light,


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