Thought of the Day 

Being uncomfortable with what you want means being uncomfortable with yourself. It means being uncomfortable with the version of yourself living your desire, the you that chooses to live the life that makes you feel good. 

Ask yourself why. Do you not believe that living what you say you want would make you happy? Would it change your life too much? Do you fear losing it after attracting it?

Share your thoughts below.

2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day 

  1. He Nina. Want to say you are doing a great job with this blog. Have been involved with the LOA for a about ten years now but just now I am really getting insight about how it really works.

    In the past I have and am always been very succesfull with the LOA and the most important thing, maybe even the key of the whole law, is letting go. Just think about your desire a couple minutes a day, feel you have it and go on with your routine. Feel the happiness and be grateful for everything. And be grateful for everyone!! Sending love to people is so important and should really be a part of your daily routine to send love. (Even to your noisy noughbour! Lol)

    I even managed to attract different girls back I used to date. And I most definitely did not manifested them back with sitting all day at home obsessing and stressing. So stop that people!

    For the past couple of months I’ve been dating this wonderfull girl. A month ago she said that she wanted to end things. But for me it feels I never “lost” her. Even though she lives in another city in Holland and we barely have contact right now I just feel that we are together. For me it is even simpler to feel that because I know the Loa works and that I make her happy! Good luck and love to everyone!

    Keep it up Nina!

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    1. Hi Dylan! Thank you SO much! 😀 Your insights and the advice you offered here are so useful and correct, thank you for that as well! Brilliant comment.
      I see what you mean – sometimes you know that a particular situation is just for now and that things will be back on track soon, as they already are on the invisible level. I’m excited for you! 😀 xx


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