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Law of Attraction is one of the most natural concepts to use and the most difficult to understand; sticking to imagining that you have what you want already and being grateful that it’s yours is enough to believe and achieve. 

Make the process easy on yourself and stick to its simplicity. 

10 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hi Nina, How can I make LOA work on this one. I told him don’t come over my house no more..And other bad stuff,, didn’t really mean it.i was so angry… So he didn’t call. Or come over.. Just want him to treat me right.


    1. Hi jean…
      M sry for intrupting in between.. firstly feel love for urself… jst imagin luv between u n ur partner… first of all make d strong connection between u n ur partner on ur mind.. feel good things.. n be happy most of d time … loa is jst like cycle… imagin.. dat he is with u.. feel dat love.. n on d same time be happy.. engage urself on d wrks u like most.. try to be calm .. as soon as…u make ur habbit to ask from universe dEn belief.. dat u deserve dat .. and den.. u have to be happy … for wat u want … with ur current reality also.. it makes things come to u as soon as possible.

      I know it coz i havE achieved it.

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      1. HI Kshama..

        I will certainly try that, I have tried LOA before and i know that it works, but sometimes we need a little reassurance. Sometimes I let my temper get the best of me. My bf and i was starting to get better, now I think this is worser than before. I think he was seeing someone else, and i told her a lot of things that happen between me and him. He found out about it and was very upset, about the things I told was personal…He might not call me anymore, and I don’t want to be the first to call him.. Is there any hope? I really love this man, is there any suggestions to try to fix it


      2. Identifying your triggers, if you will, such as your temper, is a positive thing if you use it to avoid negative situations. If you know that your temper gets the best of you, think about why that is. Since everything we feel reflects back on us, what is it that you feel about YOURSELF that makes you react so negatively? Avoid the feelings and the situations which cause you to react so strongly and you will find the answers. Think positive thoughts and life will change.


    2. It’s all about focusing on what you choose. Before he can treat you right, you must ignore the current reality and imagine the way he wants to treat you. Be sure it’s coming and it will happen. Ignoring the current reality is important if it contains something you dislike, and focusing on what you want to live instead while being truly willing to live it 100% is crucial.


  2. HI NINa, or Kshama..

    Could someone please answer this question for me, if your bf is seeing someone else, can you manifest him to come back to you…even when a lot of bad things were said or done… When a man is seeing someone else and you are using the LOA to bring him back…Does the LOA makes something happens with relationship with the other person to bring him back to you…


    1. Hey,

      Just wanted to give you a tip. I can feel from reading your post that you are thinking and acting out of a (conscious or subconscious) state of desperation and lack. In terms of LOA this just pushes you further and further away from your desire.

      You have to get in a state of detachment. Or in simple words: set your desire, pass it on to the universe and trust that it will come. And just stop obsessing and thinking about it whole day. This will also help calm your mind.

      Good luck and love!



    2. That is honestly not what you should focus on. You manifest what YOU perceive, regardless of what “is” for the moment. If you believe that he can be with you and imagine it, he will be with you but for as long as you focus on the current reality, that is what will keep happening. LoA is about believing in what you want to manifest – the better you feel about your belief, the sooner you will know that what you want is yours and manifest.


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