Reminder of the Day

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When you’re faced with negative thoughts, do the following.

  1. Remember they only have power if you allow them to. If you decide they are false and powerless, you can face them, even feel them, without being afraid of them messing up your life. You have to finally put yourself before your own negative thoughts. 
  2. Remind yourself that your negative thoughts might not be as clear cut as you think. Negative thoughts appear so that you could power through them and come out the other side ready to live your dreams. Negative thoughts can simply be a way of purging your energy from negativity and moving onto a more positive awareness but they will only be so if you allow them to come, help you uncover your personal blocks and help yourself release them.
  3. Your negative thoughts are a guide into the depths of your awareness. Your negative thoughts are not an indicator of what is happening but of the way you feel about yourself. Those thoughts are just a version of your self-perception and what you feel is possible for you right now, the manifestation of your fears in this case; instead, you must begin to believe that your dreams are most likely to happen to you, not your fears. You see how it all comes from you, how these are your ideas and not some sort of prophecy (besides the self-fulfilling kind, if you keep up the negative thoughts long enough)?
  4. Saying goodbye to negative thoughts leads to inner peace. When you learn to ignore them, your confidence grows with your newly found inner peace which takes over your awareness and makes you realize you deserve everything you want to have without it being a big deal. It’s natural. It’s yours.

7 thoughts on “Reminder of the Day

  1. Hi Nina
    How are you?
    Remember me? I sent you an email. Could you please tell me what you think. I think you might be shocked.
    Thank you.

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      1. C,

        When I see how lovely you are communicating with everyone here and wanting to feel good and create positive energy, I know you have more reasons to love yourself than you think. I know you CAN love yourself and have plenty of qualities that would make many men want to be with you. Happiness is attractive so always be as happy as you are when you participate in this community.

        You can do this.


      2. Hi Nina,

        Thank you for that comment. I really do love the community you have here, and I wish the best for everyone , and that their dreams and wishes become a reality for them too.

        I know that with my wish to manifest my reality, sometimes obsession and desperation take over, but I really do love my guy. He’s not perfect, and neither am I, but I think we all deserve the best and happiness in our lives.

        Thank you,

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