Manifestation Epidemic – How Can I Ignore the Current Reality?

Fully ignoring your current reality and just thinking about your desired one is a technique in itself, if you ask me. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I fully advocate ignoring the current reality (or if you seem to be unable to, turning every negative in it into a positive, i.e. “It’s good that I’m single now because I get to do all the things I enjoy but will have less time for once in a relationship” etc.) and if you can just ignore everything in front of you, your visualizations of the ideal will trickle down to your current reality in order to turn it into your ideal one.

Many have wondered how exactly to ignore their current realities, and the answer is…

Ignoring the current reality comes easy when one makes a habit of practicing self-love. Being unable to ignore the current reality happens when that reality strongly bothers you but self-love leads to “fixing” yourself and your current reality by extension.

See how that goes?

If you ever wondered why self-love is key, you just got the answers you were looking for.

Crazy as it sounds, the easiest way to ignore the current reality is to fill it with fun activities. That way, you just happily live and have fun while imagining your ideal reality but not missing it. You don’t even think about it – you just are.

Another way is to love your ideal reality so much that it even transforms your current reality. Even if you never did it, it can be done. I’ve done it. When you love your ideal reality that much, you begin to act as if you’re living it in your current. You start to transfer moods, mindsets and external factors. You begin to look and dress the part.

Now that you know how it works, use these exercises to create your new life.

7 thoughts on “Manifestation Epidemic – How Can I Ignore the Current Reality?

  1. thanks. The strange thing is that I needed this today. You read my mind. Yesterday I was reading a book and in that book there was a particular small paragraph. It just so happened that in that paragraph there were two characters. One had her first name and the other her last name.

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  2. Hi Nina,
    I think i made a fool of myself, i was trying to do the no contact and end up calling him and telling him I love him.
    I dont even think he feels the same way about me. I think he is seeing somebody else….Tell me what should I do..HELP!!!! I think i mess the whole process up


    1. Decide that it isn’t a big deal, that it’s forgotten already and move on. Then, it’ll be like it never happened – either you won’t care anymore or you will both literally forget that it ever happened. When your thoughts change, so does your reality.


  3. Hi NINA
    i have a question for you, you have mentioned that you have manifested relationships with men that was with someone else. Did they leave the woman that they were with for you or did they have a relationship with the both of you…. If im trying to manifest a relationship with a man that is with some one else, will he leave them for me, or will he continue to see the both of us


    1. If you see the two of you in an exclusive relationship, you can attract him being only with you. That’s the only way I do it; otherwise, it’s not a relationship. You will get what you believe you CAN have so believe that the two of you are to be in an exclusive relationship, that it’s a done deal, and don’t worry about how it will happen.


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