Thought of the Day 

Take your focus off “How long will it take to manifest?” and switch it to living life now

If you’re waiting, you aren’t living life…and that is a mistake because life is worth living. You just have to find your inspiration and make it beautiful. 

4 thoughts on “Thought of the Day 

  1. hi Nina,

    So my guy is taking a few vacations that he has scheduled and ironically they are to places I’ve always wanted to go. One in particular, I felt so sad when I found about it, because I really wish I could go.

    How can I manifest us taking these trips together as part of my desired reality?

    I know that you’ve mentioned that there is a difference between manifesting a relationship and manifesting events but I really feel sad when I think of him going on these amazing trips without me, especially since they are places I’ve wanted to go. These are times that my current reality makes it harder because if we were together we would go together

    Thank you,


    1. See the two of you there already! Ignore the current reality and imagine the one you WANT to see happen 🙂


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