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When it comes to manifestation, you might be closer to your goal than you realize.

You might think you have no money only to discover that your bank account balance increased while you weren’t looking.

You might deem it impossible to imagine living the life you want only to find yourself indulging in related visualizations soon after and coming out a different, more positive person.

A simple change in your daily dynamics could help you realize how far you’ve come and what a positive person you genuinely are.

You might fear you will never attract the person you want to be with (back) into your life only to finally let go as a result, shift your awareness entirely and all of a sudden, manifest.

2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Nina,

    Love the blog! Always grateful that you share your love and your experiences! Thank you so much! I found your blog when I was trying to hold on and “attract back” my ex. I finally let go of WANTING her back and I worked on myself for a year and a half. I meditated on sending love to myself and I worked on building my confidence. I felt I really made a crack in the idea that I didn’t deserve what I truly wanted: a loving relationship where I was an active, attentive, and loving participant. I felt more free and stronger than ever. When I read the final point in this post, it really resonated with me: I let go of my past relationship and manifested a new one! One I never thought possible. With someone way more compatible for me. She meets every criteria I wrote down on my “perfect girlfriend” list. I also know my ex is happy with someone who is way more compatible for her. I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost two years and we are now engaged to be married 🙂 Isn’t life funny?

    Thanks for your time and have a great day!
    – AJ

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    1. Dear AJ,
      I love it! You found someone even better after you started to love and respect YOURSELF. This is wonderful and I’m so happy for you! 😀
      Your example is amazing because it proves that full awareness of one’s beliefs truly shapes one’s life. You have gotten to know yourself and you KNOW what you believe in.
      Keep sharing the good news with everyone here whenever you want! It’s so inspirational ❤


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