Would you be interested in reading this? My third book idea in the works!

Hello everyone!

I’m on holiday in the south of Spain and will catch up with emails and new comments as soon as I return! I got to answer some last week and truly hope that you were satisfied. I hope I helped you out because I appreciate you so much.

Today, I have a question – would you be interested in reading a book on “how to put the past behind you and move on from (the pain of) a past relationship using LoA?” I have just come up with this subject line about an hour ago but genuinely believe there might be something special in it.

This book would detail the process of getting over the pain from your past entirely just by focusing on you and once you should put it behind, possibly rebuilding this relationship in order to make it everything you want it to be…or finding the partner of your dreams and immersing yourself into an entirely new love story with them. Anything you want.

I would also show you my personal ways of doing this and everything that happened before I talked myself into letting go of the frustration. I would tell you how I reminded myself that nothing but happy and positive inner focus was the only way back to being myself, strong with an open heart, loving and attractive, happy and independent…everything one must be either as the partner of someone’s dreams or to be happy on their own. When you’re happy, you love yourself and others without need and attract anyone you want without effort.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

I love you all and I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Have a wonderful day!

10 thoughts on “Would you be interested in reading this? My third book idea in the works!

  1. Hi Nina,

    I think this sounds like a great idea. I would definitely buy it!

    I have a question for you regarding third parties in manifestations. There is a girl that I think is also interested in my guy. I don’t think he would go for her for a relationship but they do hang out sometimes, and she gives me a very negative vibe. She’s a very strange, and really self absorbed person. Not in a confident or positive way, her social media account screams that she is dying for attention and for people to validate her. Whenever she posts a picture with him she always has to write something cryptic as if there might be something with him.

    My question to you, is can you manifest someone away? I don’t like her energy and would prefer she have nothing to do with my guy. How can I do this?

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    1. Hi C! Don’t focus on her going away – focus on the two of you being together and deeply committed to one another. Don’t think about how to get her away – when you start to imagine yourself with him, your reality will start to change but don’t worry about how she’ll go away. You’re supposed to see what you want as a done deal and not worry about the details xx


  2. Hi Nina,

    Funny thing is this: I have come to your site after a long pause. And I have come looking for something precisely on this. It’s a bit like the universe brought me here.
    See, I first checked out you site a few months ago, when I was having trouble with a relationship that has caused a lot of hurt for me. I loved the guy, I probably still do. But with time, I would manifest many other things, except a better relationship with him. I realised two things: one was that he’d hurt me too much for me to ever feel *good* about being with him, the other was that if I was to let him go, I had to stop loving him. I did this, and what I ended up with is this feeling of hating, not him, but what he’s done. And the thought of it keeps reappearing, whenever I think of a new love interest, whenever I see him or something he’s done, whenever I think of relationships in general.

    I’m not unhappy, I’m feeling good about myself, but it bothers me that I can’t forgive him. I know from your site and your other books that the only way to heal and start anew is to forgive, him and myself.

    I thought I’d share this with you since it would be really nice to see you write about forgiveness in this new book you’re talking about. We say we should forgive – I for one have tried – but what really is forgiveness?


    1. Dear Aurora, I love your question πŸ™‚ Forgiveness is actually making peace within YOURSELF about having lived through a situation that made you feel so unsettled. When you are upset, you feel rattled due to the events you have lived through and wonder how they could have possibly happened; it is absolutely normal to wonder what you have done wrong to experience so much hurt and every time we get hurt, I believe we all feel that way. However, forgiveness is knowing that sometimes, we manifest the undesired because there are layers of subconsciousness and our personal feelings that we have yet to get to know, those which might have caused these situations to happen, and to remember that all these situations did happen so that we could learn and know better. Now, you know better. You are/can be a more confident, balanced, happy individual and you can understand that when two people are guided by emotion, positive or negative, things happen accordingly. What happened between you was due to your mutual feelings back then and now, you are a happy individual who has great relationships and manifests happiness. Forgiveness is knowing that you don’t have to be perfect yet are still an amazing individual who now knows how to manifest so the past doesn’t matter anymore.
      Forgiveness is knowing that a specific situation happened so that you could learn from it. The person you were with isn’t perfect either, they also did their part to manifest this specific situation between the two of you and you were both guided by hurt feelings because you simply didn’t know how to solve them at the time. However, learning and self-improvement are much more important than specific events – no matter what happened, you can start over with someone, anyone. If you start to feel differently about them, your relationship with them will blossom.
      Forgiveness is making peace with yourself and every time you have tried to do something but produced a different result. You don’t have to be perfect. It’s okay to experience events where you didn’t feel sure of yourself and your energy was a little rattled. You are still an amazing person and these events are small compared to the greatness of your heart and personality, and you still deserve everything you desire because nothing is ever lost forever, especially when you believe and feel love – owning that notion is what forgiveness truly means.


  3. Hi Nina,

    Are you still looking into writing this book? I’m really interested in how you talk yourself into letting go of the frustration and what follows for you.

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    1. Hi! I am πŸ˜€ I am thinking about a self-training type thing in which I will offer my own solutions as well as the explanations of energy flow, behaviors and reactions.


      1. Thank you Nina.

        I have a question on your last post where you said this:

        “In my opinion, the people who make us feel uncomfortable are wrong for us. However, this is just my experience. Whatever you wish to manifest, you can, but you must believe that this is right for you. If it makes you feel bad, you can’t manifest it and you must change it. For me, that change always consisted of walking away.”

        Does this mean that you think if we feel bad – its more about the other person than ourselves? Didn’t we manifest feeling bad or uncomfortable around that person? Does this mean that you think those of us that have been trying, would probably feel better if we walked away?

        Sorry, I’m just a little confused about what you meant in this last post?


      2. It means that everything you feel about the other person is reflected back to you and in order to start feeling good about them, you must start to feel good within yourself first.


  4. Thanks Nina. I guess sometimes I over think things πŸ™‚ but what you say is so true. It’s so funny that he is the only person that reflects my insecurities back to me. He points out so much, like how I try to hide my teeth when I smile, I’m self conscious of my nose, and my belly.

    Why do you think this is? No one else notices or at least tells me they notice these things? Is this my ultimate lesson in my life, and he is the one teaching me the lesson?


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