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The feeling of lightness boosts the manifestation of your desire…and lightness isn’t always what you think it should be.

When you feel okay with what’s happening, you assume the feeling of lightness.

Lightness is being in the flow.

Lightness means accepting what is and looking forward to what’s coming.

12 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hi Nina,

    I was doing much better for a while, until my guy went on his vacation that I told you about. I saw that it looked like he had an amazing time, I’m happy for him, but at the same time it made me sad to see that he was having such an amazing time without me, and that I didn’t get to do anything for my summer.

    Because I started to feel sad and anxious, I now find it hard to feel really good when going over my affirmations or trying to do a visualization.

    I can’t feel great, and I was wondering if maybe I had started to lose feelings for my guy, so I tried just feeling great and imagining myself in any relationship, and its the same. I just cant’ picture it.

    My bday is a few months away, and a girlfriend asked me what I was planning to do, and I just started to cry. I tried to not to get into the feeling, but a few tears still made their way through. I get so sad when I think of every year that passes by and I have not advanced towards my life goals.

    I know that I’m not supposed to let myself feel sad, but I just don’t understand Nina. I haven’t been in a serious, committed or happy relationship in so long, and I keep wondering what’s wrong with me.

    Do I enjoy being unhappy? Why would I hold on so long to a guy that hasn’t given me what I want in a relationship? I love him, and I know I want him — so if the LoA is so simple and easy, why have I failed? Is this what I secretly want without realizing it? And why do i find it hard to feel anything when I’m thinking of my dream life anymore?

    i know that I’ve written to you in the past feeling this way – but I don’t know what I should do to feel better right now.

    I was thinking about the last time I saw him. We had such an amazing time together, I keep trying to figure out what I did wrong, that he wouldn’t stay in contact after, and when I invited him to come see me, he just ignored the request? I just don’t get it, we seemed to have a great time together?

    When are you thinking of writing that book idea you had the other day ? I was thinking about it, and I think the concept could help me, or if you could write about it in a post? I’m just really trying to feel better right now, and no matter what I say to myself, I feel stuck.

    Thank you Nina for everything. I know that you are probably a little frustrated that I’m still not getting it. I’m sorry, I’m just really tired of not having achieved my dreams and I’m wondering what is wrong with me?


    1. Dear C, nothing is wrong with you – you are simply putting your happiness into other people’s hands instead of your own. Your good mood and the creation of your life should start from you and the things that make YOU happy while another person should fit into that but not become a part of your identity. Their life and mood should not have the power to affect yours. Nobody deserves to own you emotionally.
      Practice self love and try to put him out of your mind for now. If you try to love yourself but then allow for his life to be more important to you than your own, you are abandoning self love. You don’t enjoy being sad but you do it because it’s easier – that is my honest opinion. When it comes to self love, it requires faith in oneself and focus, it requires being ready to break this vicious cycle and change yet that vicious cycle is your comfort zone.
      However, you do deserve better.


      1. Thank you Nina, and I’m so looking forward to your articles.

        You’re right, feeling sad is easier, but I find it so hard to be very happy when you’re not with the people you love, or when they say things that disappoint you. I have never understood, how can I be told ” love you , but not in love with you” by the person you love the most and still feel good? What does one say to themselves to feel good in that moment?

        I will focus on myself again and looking forward to what you write in the future.

        <3, C


      2. I suggest you say to yourself that YOU love you because you know you’re worth it and you don’t need love from anyone else because you have you…but you know you’re going to get it. You know that if you love yourself, he is going to love you, too. And if you truly decide that it’s going to happen and believe it, it will.


      3. Thank you Nina. I read your new article, and I’ve been googling what it means to be happy from within yourself to get a better idea of what that means.


  2. Hi C

    You came into my head yesterday when I was at work. I was thinking/wondering how this entire situation was really making you feel and here you are saying it all and i was wondering can you place this same feeling anywhere else in your life?
    They say that we source out people who remind us of a familiar childhood feeling so we can carry on a certain kind of suffering and it does look like this situation is making you suffer.
    You may not be able to place a feeling from childhood but the way you are feeling now is a pattern of pain that youve learnt from someone or something. I hear people say all the time that they had a ‘great childhood’ yet their life is worse than people who had a bad one. I now by how something makes me feel and if it doesn’t feel good it means its not for me.They say that every area of your life is about location. From where you live to where you work to who you work with to who you live with to who you date, etc etc. You get the picture. Maybe you need to chose someone who is a better location? And i dont mean someone who lives closer to you. I mean someone who doesn’t make you feel this way.
    See if you can locate the same feeling somewhere from your life that this situation is making you feel also. A familiar feeling.


  3. I just wanted to add. For example if this guy makes you feel unloved or ignored then try and find where else in your life you first had this feeling and THAT is your attraction point – that is how you are attracting these situations, the kinds of men who make you feel unloved ignored etc and whatever else in your life. etc. Thats the vibration youre giving off. If you want any situation to change you have to find those first feelings. Thats what I have learnt and when you find it and make the connection to that original feeling and this guy or any other situation you might end up looking at him and thinking what was I thinking? Then youll see a pattern of attracting people or situation that help fuel that original feeling or feeling unloved or ignored or whatever the feeling is that you are feeling.
    Hope this makes sense?


  4. At then end of the day its not your fault, its just a program you’ve bought into about yourself and once you find those original feelings and connect the dots you’ll realise you deserve alot more. Its not your fault or even the people or the world who first made you feel this way but it is the reason why we attract these men and these situations. Once you find awareness of the original feeling – it should shift a little and youll realise you deserve alot more then having to chase anyone or hope or cry want or anything else that a big love.


  5. Sorry for all the posts. I keep thinking of things as i am getting ready for work.

    Question – Who and what does he remind you of? Can you lock into a feeling?

    I’d go from there.

    Have a good day x


  6. Hi C

    A few months ago i read the book “Women Who Love Too Much” by Robin Norwood and it was an eye opener. It shows you why you attract certain men.
    Today at work “Why Men Love Bitches” By Sherry Argov came into the store. I am only 2 chapters in and i wish I had this knowledge years ago. I highly recommend reading them both.


    1. Hi Gretta,

      Good to hear from you :). I know what you are saying and trust me when I say that everything you have said here, I’ve considered before. I’ve wondered why I seem to have this sadness as a comfort zone.

      I do the work, i get happy, i manifest some great things, and then all of a sudden the sadness and doubt in myself creep back in. I don’t like it, but there is some “habit” to it.

      Also, as to why I attract guys like this… one thing that I acknowledge is that I’m a bit of a commitment/relationship phobe myself which might be why. I’m not afraid of committing to one man, but there is fear of being vulnerable to someone else, fear of being hurt, fear of someone seeing my faults.

      Physically, I feel ok about myself. I think guys find me attractive, but I’m self conscious about my nose (funny because my guy is one of the few people who points out my nose) and I have a very large scar on my body that is raised and red so I hate that people see it when clothing doesn’t cover it. It really affects my self confidence
      Lately, I’m also really tired and have bad allergies all the time so my face is always tired and pudgier than normal.

      I know self love is an area i need to improve. And I’m trying to find the ways that will work for me.

      With regards to picking someone else, I don’t want to give up on my desire while I love this guy. If I were to think that I don’t really love him, and this is my ego just wanting to prove something them I would let this manifestation go. But, I tried to let him go before, and even though I gave up, my heart still felt love for him.

      I’ve heard of those books, and I’ll try to check them out.

      I hope you’re doing amazing, and that your dreams are coming true for you 🙂


      1. Hi again C,
        You have given me inspiration for several new articles, all of which will be useful to you.


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