From Self-Love to the Love You Want – Do You Know the Way?

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What has happened when one suddenly has much to share about one’s life, wanting to shout it from the rooftops? At the same time, this thing one is simply dying to share also requires nurturing and privacy, for certain aspects of it were meant to be cherished behind closed doors?

You might have guessed it – one has fallen in love.

The question of how one becomes aware of being in love is obsolete – when we know, we just know. If we doubt, it isn’t what we wanted it to be, even if it is some form of love. And when we do know that what we wanted has been found, all inferior forms of love from our past simply fade away. We are unemotionally aware of their former existence, knowing they might have happened yet deeming them nothing but fragments of our memory or even imagination.

The phenomenon of self-love to romantic love continues to fascinate me. As I have always said that we must love ourselves before we love others, I am fascinated by love’s pilgrimage from our hearts and souls through our insecurities and doubts to the heights of our happiness, to the hearts of our soul mates.

Have you ever wondered what exactly made you want to use the Law of Attraction to create love with an individual of your choice? What is it that makes you love another person and allow yourself to believe your mutual love is possible? What aspects of yourself have attracted specific aspects of that person?

Me, I always wanted a soul mate. A soul mate is a person you have a connection with and you both know it. It is a person you want every day, one whom you want to be best friends with as well as be romantic and intimate with. It is your mutual alignment consisted of similarities and contradictions, of fulfilment and completions, that offers everything you need to feel a desire to be together. My idea of falling in love included a man who finally understood me, one who accepted and wanted to love me but never ceased to ask questions in order to understand who I was as deeply as he could; at the same time, I always imagined that the man who wanted to know everything about me would open up to me just as easily because I would want to know everything about him and would ask him questions to show it.

And you? What have you always wanted to find? What have you wanted to understand and experience being understood about yourself? Answering these questions allows you to visualize and create a specific relationship with a specific person.

If you are a loving person to the core, you will love the one you love and other things and people in your life. Everything might be an expression of self-love as well as the love for another person – this kind of force can hold as much power inside us as self-love. I truly believe we can love another person as much as we love ourselves and the power of our feelings can make it seem like we actually love that person more than ourselves and our own life but this is difficult to achieve without self-love to begin with. When love is that strong, we can all relate. We have all felt it which shows we’re all capable of even more love than we realize.

If we feel love, we can create anything we want with it. If we can feel fulfilment based on trust alone, we can attract anything we want.

Everything comes from within. You can’t give what you don’t possess and possessing love within ensures giving and evoking it in others. Think of the most loving person you know – they are such because they feel love. Love can work miracles if you allow it.

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