Comfort Zones and Negative Thoughts

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Refusing to give meaning to your negative thoughts might seem impossible but once you try it, it will be the best decision you ever made.

Many are used to giving excessive meaning to their negative thoughts on a daily basis, even when all the evidence in their lives points to the opposite – all the proof of having nothing to worry about is right in front of them yet they seem to need the negativity.



Negativity is safe. Engaging in your negative thoughts means you don’t even have to attempt self-improvement but comfortably stay put instead. Emotionally, negativity is a block preventing you from experiencing the desired due to a lack of trust in your manifestation abilities; mentally, negativity is a comfort zone you allow to keep you in the same place instead of progressing into a happy, positive awareness.

Nothing can describe your omnipresent negative beliefs quite like your negative thought patterns. In a variety of situations, similar or different, do you tend to drown in the same fears every time? Do you actively seek possible negative outcomes to “prepare for the worst?” Do you bring the same fears and engage in the same thought patterns in every relationship you have?

Becoming aware of your thought patterns shows you just how meaningless and powerless your negative thoughts are. They aren’t prophetic but fictional instead. You weaved them yourself.

Fears are not a self-fulfilling prophecy until you become intent on experiencing them. When you decide to experience your fear rather that than a happy manifestation, you will.

If you feel like your fears are stronger than your manifestation abilities, you have probably decided to experience them rather than living your desired manifestations.

If you have done that, change your thoughts today and let your beliefs change with them.

Truth is, there will always be (falsely perceived) external evidence to give you a reason to engage in negative thoughts. That reason being nothing but a temptation of the mind to keep you in your comfort zone, even when you know you have nothing to worry about, you can decide to stop responding to these thought patterns. Not thoughts themselves but the actual patterns, as they are the culprit of your comfort zone having formed in the first place. Deciding to ignore those patterns will lead to a life full of accomplished goals.

One thought on “Comfort Zones and Negative Thoughts

  1. Hello All

    Wow. What a journey its been for me.

    I’ve learnt that what you want doesnt show up until you are happy with where you are and without it.

    I’ve also learnt that not everybody is going to understand you, love you, see you for who you really are, or even get it, even when its presented to them over and over again and I think that was a big part of the problem for me, wanting to be heard. Wanting someone to acknowledge my pain.

    After exactly 5 years this guy has blocked me again. The thing is I had, get this, an ex pay for me to see a healer. He believes in me, has been my friend for 12 years, speaks to me everyday, and wants me out of where I am working, which has turned into a disaster, and I WISHED to work there and got it and boy do i regret it with all my being and heart and soul. Thats another thing Ive learnt, be careful what you wish for as it could end up making you miserable.

    This healer understood me. She didn’t judge me or tell me to make a decision or decide what I really wanted. She acknowledged my pain, knew nothing about me and sent me a one line text saying “i know how painful its been for you.” She was referring to him and i had not even spoken to her yet. She told me things only i could have known about and she knew deep down how much i loved this person and how i wanted to be with him, she didnt have to be told what i was feeling for him, she knew, even at times when sending her an email back that was filled with frustration and pain that all of you have seen from me. What you were looking at was pain! It wasn’t because i didn’t love him! And it wasn’t because i couldn’t make a decision! I knew all along what i wanted! What i felt! Behind every word was PAIN not hate. PAIN.

    What i really didn’t want was to have to use the law of attraction. PERIOD. I wanted him to love and see me for who i was without doing all this “stuff” – I wanted him to see what everyone else sees, the honest person I am, the gifted person I am, the funny person I am, the loving person I am but how on earth was he ever going to see any of that when he continuously refused to spend anytime with me? He didnt want to spend time with me because im not visually attractive enough for him.

    Unless you have tried to attract someone who has told you that they dont find you physically attractive then you have no idea and no place to tell someone to make a decision, instead you should just acknowledge their pain because its very painful to see someone you love spending all their time with other people, liking their photos but will not include you in their life in any capacity and then tells you not to take it personally. I’m sure some of you will understand how crushing it is to hear “Dont take it personally.” I dont think any of you truly understand what its like to see all the people you put together still together (psychically) and that person that you love never spend anytime with you but has all the time in the world to spend with everyone else on the planet.

    I went to his house a few weeks ago to drop off somethings. He said he was feeling awkward and what did we really have to talk about? I said. Everything in the Universe. You can clearly see there was NO EFFORT from him whatsoever. No effort = No care.

    I suspect i have a long way ahead of me to heal from this situation as it fully hasn’t hit me that i wont get that opportunity with him.

    On Monday I am resigning from my job and going back to work as a fulltime psychic. I stopped working as a healer because he never believed what i told him or what i showed him. A few days ago I had 2 test runs with clients to see where i was at and the results even blew me away. Ill be picking my camera back up and i wont be using the law of attraction to try and make someone see me who never wanted to see me because i didnt fit a fantasy that they created in their mind of how i should have shown up in there life. He does not want a girlfriend who is 9 years older than him and he sure doesnt want a psychic girl or to stray away from what hes been told it should have been by the world and his parents and everyone else. He wants it his way. Ok. He can have it.

    Thanks for listening. Just understand that sometimes what looks to you like anger is pain.
    Goodbye and hope everything works out for you.


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