Thought of the Day 

If you express yourself calmly and eloquently, you will be able to believe that everyone can understand you simply because your thoughts are so clear and in order.

And they will.

One thought on “Thought of the Day 

  1. His mother got on the phone and called me every name under the sun. I remained calm and asked her why she had lied to him about me and she denied it. The first thing she did was bring up the age difference and then repeatedly told me that he has no interest in me and she LOVED every second of it, repeatedly telling me that he has no interest in me. Repeatedly. She then said she was going to call the police. I waited for the police all week and i didnt not see them and there was no paperwork in my mailbox. She swore non stop and threatened me. Non stop she told me that he was ‘her son!’ and if you could have heard her shrill you would have understood WHY i came on here so many times and told you all that they have a very strange relationship. I gave back as good as she did but i dont recall swearing at her but i told her the truth. When i told her that i loved him, she laughed at me and continued to swear at me and threaten me. This is the woman that put on his facebook that they have traps and dogs when someone commented on a photo of him. All i could hear non stop was him, in her words, her brainwashing. For anyone who has said to me in the past that he must have been hanging around because of feelings, let me tell you, he was not there because he had feelings. He was there just to keep me there in the background if he needed someone to talk to or something but always looking for something better.

    The next day i went to work. I asked one of the boys there, the same age as him, how he sees me as a person. He said angelic, kind hearted and would help anyone. If you’re wondering why this guy i wanted to be with couldn’t see THAT its because he didn’t want to spend anytime with me because i was not psychically attractive enough in his eyes. I was pushed to back. He is with his mother because he wants to be there with her, telling her everything, showing her our private conversations. Hes a mummys boy. They dont get better, they get worse with age. He is not here with me because he doesn’t want to be here with me. He told me repeatedly that he was not interested and i wont ever take advice from anyone again. His silence was his answer. It wasnt because i sat here day in and day out saying these thoughts in my head. I was acting as if. I told people we were together. There wasnt any doubts, we were talking solid every day and night and now this!

    Everyone who has heard about this has said to me that one day he will wake up to what his mother is really like but i cant believe that people are blaming her and not him. Its him, shes just the neurotic, ignorant mother that came along with him. Shes raised a boy that believes age differences are an issue and he has believed and gobbled up her words for 30 years. Can you see him changing his views? I dont. When a man says hes not interested. Believe it.


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