Manifestation Epidemic – “Can I Handle This?”

I’ve noticed another manifestation epidemic – one might fear their desire to be too much for them to handle, fearing their own inadequacy in the face of true happiness.

If you have ever felt this way, you probably questioned your ability to handle everything that comes with attracting your desire. The idea of your dreams finally coming true might have been perplexing if you ever worried about losing them soon after receiving, causing you to prevent yourself from enjoying a much happier idea of living them.

Worrying about losing your dreams soon after they come true stems from idealizing them and under-appreciating yourself. Even if just subconsciously, thinking of your dream as an emotional utopia you don’t deserve causes self-doubt.

We all know that years or any other time period of continuous disappointment in a specific area can make us feel inadequate.

Some struggle with relationships for years. Others, jobs or money. Some continuously struggle with weight loss, low self-esteem or depression. Whatever the reason, getting used to struggle in a specific area of life can certainly produce even more of the same, leaving a sense of unworthiness in its wake.

Imagine living your life thinking that everyone around you seems to be having better relationships than you do (or at least, an easier time with relationships in general). You might think they have an easier time finding love or relationships or making them last while you continue to be single; you might be feeling they know what to do to get relationships while you don’t. Over time, you began to feel inadequate, impatient, not good enough to date. You started to feel there must be something wrong since you’re lagging in the area nobody else seems to have a hard time with.

The truth is that you aren’t lagging because you are not good enough to receive what everyone else seems to be receiving – you are lagging because you perceive yourself falling behind, falling short of your expectations in comparison to other people and deeming yourself inadequate to date because you think other people are better than you in some way. In addition, the truth is that you aren’t lagging – you are simply failing to nurture positive thoughts about something you want in order to attract it into your life.

It is beyond important to know that any life circumstance can change anytime but only if you change your thoughts and feelings currently attached to it. Your past thoughts and feelings about yourself in this specific area of life have produced today’s circumstances but new ones can produce what you want instead.

Worrying you won’t be able to handle the happiness of your desire manifesting into your life isn’t unnatural. In a way, this is fear of success. Feeling unworthy of the success you desire creates fear of receiving it and there is no reason to ever feel unworthy.

You probably only feel unworthy of manifesting and living your desire because it represents something you’ve never experienced before. However, the fact that you haven’t had it yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t – after all, everything you have ever experienced was a first at some point.

You once spoke your first word, smiled for the first time, ate for the first time, took your first steps, were pleasantly surprised for the first time, experienced your first conscious manifestation, made your first friend, heard your first piece of music, had a first kiss and received your first paycheck. Next, you can have anything you want for the first time, even if it’s something not everyone tends to experience – the only thing to do is believe that you can. It isn’t too good to be true and you aren’t inadequate to receive it. You don’t have to be perfect to live it – you are perfect just the way you are. If there are other people in the world that consider themselves good enough to live their dreams, you can do the same thing.

Everything you ever experience will have happened for the first time at some point, including your dreams coming true. We can experience new things every single day.

You know I’m right.

Is there anything you still believe you can’t attract simply because you’ve never had it? Share your thoughts below!

2 thoughts on “Manifestation Epidemic – “Can I Handle This?”

  1. Nina hey! 😀 I love love love all your posts! Reading this made me want to ask you a question. Ive been trying to manifest my ex back and we’ve never really truly disconnected but hes back into my life and we’re friends. The only problem is Im scared once we’re together again, the same problems will pop up. And some of them are a little unsolvable. For example how he always wanted me to be able to spend weekends with him, but I couldnt always do that because his house is a far drive from mine. And how there are many things I couldnt ‘give’ him per se. Not because I didnt want to, but because I just couldnt because Im not eligible enough to yet. So if I shift my perspective will issues like these resolve as well even though it seems impossible?


    1. Hi and thank you! 🙂
      If you fear that the same problems might happen or that they are unsolvable, that’s a limiting belief and yes, if you imagine you together and actually accessible to each other, that part will come together. However, you must focus on your ideal reality and give up thinking about the current entirely; most importantly, you have to believe it’s possible simply because you asked for it.
      You can do this!


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