The Next Chapter

In my books, blogging and personal coaching, I have always emphasized two options for using affirmations to attract the desired – being grateful for your desire being yours already or expressing gratitude for your desire being on its way. Either way works but your choice depends on what makes you comfortable, allowing you to either feel good about everything being yours already or accept its upcoming arrival without experiencing resistance from being too aware it isn’t here yet. (The latter requires being okay in your current reality as it is, until your desire arrives).

Some can easily imagine their desires being a done deal in the sense of belonging to them already – these individuals have the easiest time imagining reality as they want it to be. Others can imagine themselves having their desires but have an easier time thinking those desires are still coming to life which allows them to let go.

I still switch between the two depending on the goal in question but today, I prefer the method of expressing gratitude for living my desired reality right now. It’s my life already; it’s mine right now. Technique one. 

Deciding, visualizing and knowing what I want is mine already, my life, my reality right now happens when I’m 100% ready to be living what I visualized this very moment. It is real while my life feels fake and I know my desired reality is already created. My love for it brings it to life. These days, I feel entirely fulfilled thinking that what I want is mine already instead of feeling like I’m perfectly content with my life until it arrives.

Maybe I’ve reconnected with my courage…or maybe, I have finally chosen what I truly and deeply wanted instead of just another temporary desire.

Maybe I am finally ready for what I wanted all along.


Finding your own manifesting style doesn’t always mean choosing a single style to apply to every manifestation; sometimes, it means finding the right combination of desires you are ready for this very moment and those you know you will be ready for in a day, week or month.

I am currently living a life I’ve attracted rapidly, simply because I wanted it to happen more than anything else that moment. When I shared this with the other person involved, I ended up telling the entire story of my feelings developing and it was something I deeply enjoyed sharing, as they enjoyed hearing about it. Attracting what I want right now means I want it more than anything else right now and when I find it, there is nothing like it.

To me, there was never a question of whether or not I was capable of attracting anything I wanted but only the question of wanting it enough. I have experienced so much in life already, as I wanted to attract and try many different things, yet I constantly craved new experiences which made me abandon the familiar.

Now, I have found something permanent, something I relate to when the other person involved talks to me about our future. And I must say, finding something permanent is an entirely new experience for me. Wanting something permanent is an entirely new experience for me and I finally understand why it can be pure bliss.

By finding something permanent, I have found something new. I have attracted a new experience but this time, one to last.


I know what you must be thinking – you also have specific desires you want to happen now and see last, so what are you doing wrong? Sometimes, the only difference lies in insisting on belief even through the moments of frustration. Changing your focus from the undesired to the desired is enough for your mind and awareness to adopt the desired soon.

Focusing on frustration gives out the signal that you would rather stay entangled in it than manifest something else, as we receive what we think about the most.

Choose to think about what you want – you will attract it faster.

5 thoughts on “The Next Chapter

    1. Hi! 🙂 It all depends on how you felt while you were thinking about your desires. Were you happy at the prospect of receiving them or worried that you might not?

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  1. Hi Nina,

    I’m so happy you have found so much bliss. You are such a good and kind person and have done so much to help others with this blog. I know we all deserve the best, and I’m so glad that you have found that too.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much C! I am grateful for having found it and of course, grateful for my wonderful community on this blog 🙂

      Love and light!


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