Is Worrying a Way of Keeping Yourself Busy?

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Often, when you want to attract something you desire more than anything else in life, you don’t feel like doing anything in your current reality anymore until it comes. However, when you only think about one thing, that one thing, you are bound to run out of positive thoughts at some point and switch to negative ones.

Positive beliefs stick but a variety of positive thoughts comes and goes throughout the day. In the moments they go, it is important to switch your thoughts to something else that makes you happy instead of continuing to think about your desired manifestation. This is how the mind works so when you try to force yourself to keep the positive thoughts going, the forcing makes you switch to negative thoughts soon enough. Forcing yourself is unnatural, tension-creating energy that will ultimately rattle your brainwaves and produce negative thoughts.

Forcing yourself to continue thinking about your desire is tempting when nothing else seems to be making you happy. This can happen when manifesting relationships – you might not even want to think about anything except your specific person/manifestation and therefore bring yourself from positive to negative thoughts. This can also happen with any manifestation that represents a complete opposite to your current reality – whatever you are strongly missing in life and wish to manifest could cause anxiety in you simply because you want to change your current reality as fast as possible.

We attract when we feel love for our desired reality but this isn’t love – it is anxiety that can lead to a slight sense of obsession. This isn’t obsession with your desire so much as it is obsessing about your negative thoughts of possibly not manifesting the said desire.

We can only think a specific thought, positive or negative, for so long before having to change focus to something else. Nobody can go through life thinking about just one thing or one person. However, if you hold a great deal of attachment to your desired manifestation to the extent of it being all you want to think about, you will end up thinking about that manifestation only, shifting from positive to negative thoughts for hours on end.

Now tell me honestly…would you rather indulge in this thought process than actually go out there and live your life? Is engaging in worry a way of keeping yourself busy instead of making an effort to live your life and finding out what makes you happy?

Once you decide to go out there and live your life, looking for inspiration until you find it, you will also find joy instead of letting your desire run your life. Finding joy in your own friends, activities, anything you could share with your partner whenever you choose because you enjoy it, love it, always wanted to do it and want it to be a part of your everyday life… Your creativity, celebrating your talent and beauty, surrounding yourself with the people you love and admire… All for the purpose of loving your life for yourself with your desire being a part of it and not all of it.

Avoiding your life until your manifestation appears is not the answer; if anything, it makes your desire all the more difficult to attract. Before long, avoiding your life starts to make you feel unattractive, boring and unworthy every time while living it makes you feel motivated, inspired, courageous and adventurous. Don’t give into hibernation – make living a priority instead.

Spirit for living brings a constant surge of positive vibes that make you feel good, appealing and attract your desires straight to you.

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