Thought of the Day

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Be grateful for having what you want and feel your heart open up to receiving it.

2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hi Nina,
    Just wanted to thank you a lot for teaching us all your wisdom. I’d used your blog before to attract someone specific, but I’d given up because it wasn’t working. As part of it I’d imagine us lying in the grass stargazing. I’d given up after a time, because it didn’t seem to be working.
    A few months later I met a wonderful person – he was a bit too good to be true. As I got to know him, I’d noticed how he seemed to have all the characteristics I loved about my ex. But then I noticed there were other small details that coincided – they both were from the same city in Pakistan, both the second of 4 children, both claimed they never lied.
    Our first date was a bit impromptu, but we were stargazing.
    I’d realised it only once we were lying down – it was the image in my visualisations from before, except it was a person who made me happier.

    I guess the morale of the story is, whenever your manifestations aren’t working, relax, forget about them, listen to Nina and they’ll happen at some point.


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