When it Comes to Love and Commitment, Are You Giving What You Want to Receive?

Red flower nature life

You might be familiar with this situation – you want to attract a relationship with a specific person only to find yourself diving into negative thoughts instead of planning the relationship you say you want to have.

First of all, engaging in negative thoughts is always a choice – they can come unexpectedly but we either choose to engage in love or fear. Many of us have engaged in both at different times in our lives. At any moment, we have the power to change our thoughts to positive so when you notice yourself in an upsetting thought process, choose belief instead!

Choosing belief goes a long way in manifesting love because by engaging in the thoughts of having what you want already, you are consciously choosing to see the best in the person you love and emit the loving energy you wish to receive. The loving visualizations and energy you emit are your own personal communication of what you wish to receive.

Positive thinking should be directed to you and done for your own benefit first, and every other reason second.

Positive individuals are attractive because that is who they chose to be.

Every time you express doubt to the Universe about the person you want, you are not fully, lovingly committed to them…and if we all respond to each other’s energy, how can they feel the same about you?

You can also choose to focus on everything you love about yourself already and become a more attractive person to yourself! With that, you will immediately become the most attractive person to the person you want to be with.

You get what you give which is why you must love the person you want to love you back. This might sound impossible to you if you are harboring anger towards them over your current issues or (your own) unresolved past but if you want to manifest, you must begin to focus on what you love about that person already and let it grow.

Yesterday morning, I was discussing relationships over coffee with a good friend (you know who you are!) which resulted in confessions of past insecurities. My friend said,

“If you never encounter a single disagreement in a relationship, it isn’t real. In this case, somebody’s hiding their true personality in order to avoid conflict.”

She was right. Examining your relationship in a healthy manner in order to evaluate what needs to be fine tuned is welcome…but constantly choosing doubt when you could always choose positive thinking is a sign of a negative awareness. It is a sign that you want love but are only willing to give your energy to all of its opposites. Fear, doubt and feelings of inadequacy should not be welcome in your awareness if love is what you want.

Your awareness might still go through different moods on different days. Some days, you like yourself a little less and others, you love who you are. However, it is important to remember that you are amazing even on your boring days and not to project your awareness onto the state of your relationship, as personal issues can only be resolved with self-honesty.

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