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Manifestation Epidemic – Tension

I find that many struggle with staying relaxed about their desired manifestation. Staying relaxed leads to positive thinking and expectations yet worrying often takes over, leading to negative thoughts and fears.

Staying relaxed allows you to manifest miracles. Even with nothing in sight, you can attract miracles out of nowhere. Relaxation helps you believe and stay focused, and actually choose to focus on miracles instead of your fears. Staying relaxed is achieved by choosing to be happy and choosing to believe, no matter how impossible the concept of a belief being a choice sounds.

You might think your negative thoughts are blocking you but you can overcome them! Relaxation is achieved with decisiveness, belief, trust and letting go. It is also achieved by choosing to feel good at all times and deciding that what you want is yours which then allows you to trust and actually show that you want to be living your dream life by focusing on it instead of your fears. Choose to focus on what you want and imagine yourself living it – before you know it, you actually will.

What you focus on is what you keep manifesting. If you focus on your fears, you probably won’t manifest them most of the time but will manifest staying exactly where you are in life, not allowing yourself to move up the vibration ladder. If you focus on happiness, you choose to manifest your desires. 

The difference between tension and relaxation is a decision. You either choose to believe that a miracle will happen or choose to worry about your current circumstances. You choose what you attract so choose to focus on what you would love to happen.

Here’s an example.

hp laptop decorations stickers halloween hewlett packard device writer

I received this laptop as a gift after carrying around my roommate’s tiny laptop and thinking how cool it would be if I had one that small. I had a very powerful and sizeable laptop already but I thought that a more practical one would be nice as well. When I least expected it, I was given this one.

It doesn’t matter what you want – all that matters is being able to imagine yourself having it and loving the idea. 

All that matters is having fun with your visualizations because if you do, you will think about them for as long as it feels good and then move on to thinking about something else, allowing those visualizations to manifest – this is how the Law of Attraction works.  

Think about it. And share your thoughts below!

P.S. If anyone is interested in booking a coaching session or a weekly plan, I am still available but leave for holiday two weeks from today. If you are worried about your manifestation or the upcoming holiday season in any way, this might be a good time to give yourself a much needed LoA lesson and motivation boost! Instead of worrying about the holiday season, you could change focus and attract what you want! Find all the info on my home page.

Love and light!


3 thoughts on “Manifestation Epidemic – Tension

  1. Hello Nina,
    You said earlier in some post, that your laptop dont working well,,and you want a new one,
    So it is your rapid manifestation?:D 😀


    1. I got it fixed because I wasn’t ready to give it up and found a new tablet I loved instead! 😀 It had taken me a few months to decide on a tablet but when I saw the one I liked, I just knew. It had also taken me something like two or three months to get this small laptop from the time I carried around my then roommate’s. When you notice the way you are manifesting things in life, you automatically start to do more and more of it 😀


  2. Hi Nina,

    Thanks again for all your great posts! I’ve got a question about negative thoughts. I know you preach ignoring them, but sometimes I feel there’s no way to ignore them, so I try to replace them with positive ones instead. I acknowledge the negative thought, then get rid of it and replace it with a positive version. But then, and here’s my problem, I get some thoughts that are somehow tied to the manifestation – like “he won’t get in touch”. Normally, I’d try to change that to “he might very well get in touch” – because if I have my desire, normally he would and in my mind, the picture of it being done is not complete unless all thoughts I get about it agree with that.

    But then, although the replacement thought is positive, I feel it’s bringing in some resistance because it’s kinda specific and tied to the process.

    So how do you advise dealing with thoughts such as that – those related to some manifestation, that need to complete the picture, but are tied to the process? Do you think it’s a good idea to say “he might very well get in touch”, but not CARE whether he does?

    Also, is it generally a good idea to try to shift thoughts?


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