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The Nature of Inner Peace

There is something we absolutely must remember and adopt in life – we must live life from a relaxed place, from happiness in this moment, from inner peace. If we do, life unfolds the way we want it to because we lose the need to attract anything as we stop feeling like we’re missing something.

This is particularly true when one is manifesting a relationship they wish to be in. Relationship manifestations can be a great cause of stress if approached from a rattled inner energy and doubt in one’s manifestation abilities.

Having a relaxed attitude about your life starts with knowing that you can attract whatever you want. Any of us can but whether or not we will is up to each individual mindset. This knowing is euphoric at times but calm for the most part, allowing you to enjoy every single day of your life and make an effort to seek out new daily joys and adventures. Inner peace also makes you set positive goals for the future and be one with your heart and its ability to guide you through life.

Worrying about how and when your manifestation is going to come about kills your mood and crushes your spirit; on the contrary, accepting that you can always see how it goes and maybe even find a better manifestation path than you had anticipated is liberating. You don’t have to be okay with never reaching your goal because you can but you can anticipate that it will manifest rapidly and beautifully but never engage in thinking about how every single detail of that manifestation should go. Read More


Thought of the Day

When I imagine myself living the life I want, not only do I imagine what I would love to happen but know that it is.

Not that it will – that it is. It already is.

Many steer clear from imagining their desired realities because it makes them too emotionally stirred up. They are afraid to feel. However, you shouldn’t be.

Remember a time when you got what you wanted in life – you felt it was yours and you just knew. Even when it made you nervous, you knew.

Don’t be afraid to feel – feelings produce rapid manifestations.