Thought of the Day

When I imagine myself living the life I want, not only do I imagine what I would love to happen but know that it is.

Not that it will – that it is. It already is.

Many steer clear from imagining their desired realities because it makes them too emotionally stirred up. They are afraid to feel. However, you shouldn’t be.

Remember a time when you got what you wanted in life – you felt it was yours and you just knew. Even when it made you nervous, you knew.

Don’t be afraid to feel – feelings produce rapid manifestations.

2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hey Nina! Thanks for this. Quick question: what do you mean when you say you “know that it is”, as opposed to “it will be”? What I mean is “it is” in what way? It exists in the ether, it exists in a parallel universe at the same time? I guess my problem here is with time. I can’t see how two things can be at the same time – both the “current” reality and the imagined reality that also “is”. Unless what we mean is the “current reality” isn’t current at all, it’s just as imagined as the imagined reality??

    I don’t know – can you explain how you think about these things please?


    1. It already exists but you just have to receive it. However, when you know that it exists, you know that you will receive it soon and you can get on with your life happily, doing perfectly fine until it happens 🙂


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