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Not Giving Up on Them – What Does it Mean?

Should I start referring to myself as a “positivity coach?” “Life and positivity coach?” I don’t know yet but I’ve been playing around with that term today.

A client of mine recently introduced me to the following quote:

“A person who truly loves you will never stop believing in you and will never let you go, no matter how hard the situation is.” (Courtesy of My client then asked me to elaborate on this quote and gave me plenty of ideas through which to explain it.

This quote refers to several things and several stages of a relationship (or a relationship manifestation). To me, it means the following.

  1. Not giving up on the person you want to be with when they don’t meet your expectations of how they should act towards you during your relationship manifestation.
  2. Not giving up on the person you are with when they give you a hard time in one way or another during the relationship – if they are respectful towards the relationship but momentarily uncooperative towards you, don’t get or stay mad at them because they have their own life to deal with in addition to your relationship!
  3. Not giving up on a person just because they aren’t who you would want them to be but they still are a wonderful partner to you and someone who genuinely loves you – they just might not be as polished or experienced in relationships as you would want them to be.
  4. Not giving up on someone you love and want to manifest love with just because the love hasn’t manifested in real life yet and because they aren’t acting the way you think they “should” – this person has the right to live their life but you should either love them and feel compassion for them or decide that you don’t love them and let it all go because you can’t feel negative towards the person and manifest love with them. It has to be one or the other because if you don’t accept them and love them anyway, you are actually asking them to change.
  5. Not giving up on someone you love just because they have a difficult new circumstance to deal with in life which affects you by extension. If you love someone, you will want to stay with them even when life is hard for them.
  6. Giving constructive advice to a person because you want to see them shine but not giving up or belittling them if they don’t follow the said advice as fast as you should.
  7. Not giving up on someone because they aren’t the ideal version of your dream partner but you love them anyway because they deserve to be loved.
  8. Not giving up on someone because you prioritize who you think they should be over who they are – trust them when they say they love you, love their genuine self and freely express your love without asking for anything in return.

Those were just a few examples but I think you see what I mean.

Can you relate to any of them?

Loving someone has to be done entirely if it’s going to be done right. It has to be about loving their true self instead of criticizing it.

Not giving up on another person before manifesting your relationship with them means accepting them fully – if you don’t, you might not love them the way you think you do. 

Do you tend to focus on this person qualities or faults for the most part? The answer lies right there.

If we’re talking about a person you want to be with but haven’t attracted into your life yet, you must accept them fully if that attraction is going to happen. Even if you’re aware of their flaws, you won’t attract them by focusing on those flaws. No matter how “right” you are and how “wrong they are,” you can’t attract another person without appreciating and accepting them because that is not how energy works – relationships are a choice so how can someone make you their choice if they can see you feel negative, needy or judgmental towards them?

This is just a little food for thought but I can tell you that actually accepting a person fully and enjoying your qualities, your true self and your life at the same time leads to a deeper love than we can even imagine before experiencing it. Accepting someone to that extent will ensure their equal acceptance of you, leading to a love relationship beyond your wildest dreams.

Just have fun every day and enjoy your life! Soon enough, this will give you the ability to love and enjoy others, just the way they are. Instead of changing them, focus on the details of your life and make it enjoyable for yourself; after all, you can’t be focused solely on another person and be happy by ignoring your own side of the relationship.

Right now, you might be having trouble accepting another person because you don’t truly accept yourself, as you have been ignoring yourself while staying focused on them. Now, you are taking that focus back on enjoying yourself as well as your own life, and you will soon know that you have another amazing person in it who can only add to your reasons for gratitude.


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