Life Coaching, Professional and Personal

I love sharing personal examples in my coaching. I think that a good life coach should be an authentically positive person who is good at living life because someone like that will have stories, understand them in terms of the Law of Attraction and never suggest unrealistic visualization or other methods they can’t even connect with themselves.

Positivity is real. Negative thoughts exist but can be ignored – you don’t have to make an extraneous effort to remove them. Just knowing they are powerless over you if you decide as much is enough to ignore them (even if they rattle you at first). A good life coach will encourage you to do this because they know you can! You could wake up tomorrow and find that last bit of motivation you’ve been missing which should be the goal your coach has for you.

A personal story is powerful because it provides a lifelike analysis of LoA that makes the listener realize how they feel about things. Offer your own point of view and you will be doing someone else a favor, making them see how they would handle this, the feelings they would have and their opinion of the situation (which doesn’t belittle your choices in any way, even if they disagree with you). It is not you job to persuade others to follow – it is you choice to offer you perspective generously so that others could gain a second opinion and possibly find themselves in the process.

When your main focus in on yourself instead of other people’s thoughts, actions and life choices, you find yourself capable of generously sharing you examples without the need for approval or validation.

You are sharing because you enjoy it and the other person can take it or leave it. However, when you’re focused on the good in yourself, you will automatically be focused on the good in others and they will soak in the inspiration you give at all times.

Your life coach should keep it real, and real means knowing and telling you you could reach all your goals as soon as you change your awareness to a positive one. Your coach should want to keep you positive and since personal examples of reaching positivity are so powerful, what kind of coach would not want to share them? A coach that wants you to feel comfortable with them will be comfortable with you and telling you their life story.

Another thing your coach should do is provide the methods they use themselves. Based on those, your coach should devise personal examples tailored to you. A good coach should see you for who you are and know that no matter what, your desired reality belongs to you already. With that, a good coach should also tell you whenever you are focusing on your desire from the place of need instead of love, redirecting you to love immediately because love and happiness are magnets for your desires and the easiest path toward making the Law of Attraction work for you. Self-love is a happiness magnet which then turns you into a magnet for your desired manifestations.

With every positive interaction in life, you increase your happiness and attract your desires – this is why taking action that makes you respect yourself attracts even more good to you. You cannot base the belief of your desires manifesting on someone else’s reaction because you must base it on your own sense of deservingness (and self-worth) instead.

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