The Stages of Overcoming Annoyance

Getting rid of the feelings of anger, annoyance or irritation has been my personal battle against negative thoughts at times. It was either one of the following two – fearing boredom or feeling annoyed with people or circumstances completely unnecessary to my situation.

Once, my then boyfriend’s ex attempted to interfere with our relationship. I told him I would get end our relationship if he didn’t cut her off. He did. I have been harshly dismissing people who had attempted to involve themselves in any situation of my life ever since even though I am often aware that simply ignoring them is enough. And I can tell you that this irritation with them instead of pretending they don’t exist doesn’t make me feel good. Today, I have made a promise to myself that I will continue to act as if they don’t even exist – to me, this is positive thinking because it means removing myself away from negativity and the people generating it.

Lately, my weakness hasn’t been firing back at those that have tried to insert themselves into my life (you have to sometimes) but still being irritated with them long after I chased them away. 

I used to be amazing at removing myself from negativity but in the past months, I have grown increasingly irritated with individuals attempting to crawl inside specific circumstances of my life under a delusion of playing a part in them. Today, that stops. These people do not exist. Sometimes, you need to harshly remove yourself from negativity in order to keep a positive outlook, mindset and stay happy. If someone brings nothing but negative feelings to the table, as one of my closest friends put it, dismiss them. Move yourself away from them.

Taking care of your own happiness and health makes you a self-respecting individual. You do not owe consideration to anyone undeserving of your feelings or your time.

You deserve to be so happy that it makes you radiant. Radiance, an internal beauty that makes us shine throughout, is an irreplaceable quality we can only evoke within ourselves. Sometimes, removing yourself from certain individuals is what it takes to be fully happy. Decide they are powerless against your happiness, have no place in your thoughts and life, and focus on joy and the people you care about. Focus on those that make you happy and only enjoy feeling love for yourself and others – then, you will attract better individuals into your life than you ever even knew existed.

This made me feel so much better. Thank you for participating in my sharing of these feelings. I have decided that I am ignoring those that have no place in my life again and only focusing on those amazing individuals I admire, love and respect…starting with myself.

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