Negative Thoughts the Teacher and You Awareness the Student – Choice of the Lessons Learned

I woke up the other day and decided that I was going to go back to being an entirely positive person.

Even if this is who you are most of the time, some things cause temporary stress which makes it hard but I put my all into pulling myself out of it. I suppose in the past weeks, I felt a little burned out.

It’s not like everything has been going smoothly. I had gotten sick for the first time in four years and even a good cold can bring you down – just ask all my clients who have called in for a session during that week! But I love my work so I wanted to remain available because it lifted my spirits. I’ve been exhausted – not chronically but occasionally. I struggled to get along with those closest to me several times. At the same time, I learned to value and always feel confident about my own feelings all over again…and that was an amazing reminder. Especially after I realized that somehow, I had focused on the negative instead of the positive on several occasions and I don’t even know how that happened. I guess one can get caught up in negative feelings sometimes.

Had I become the person I advise everyone to avoid being? I’m probably exaggerating but I learned my lesson which I want to share with you today – I have just gone through this particular period and come out the other side because I hadn’t communicated my issues in a positive way but in a negative manner instead, both to myself and others.

If this ever happens to you, you don’t have to start judging yourself all of a sudden. I didn’t.

It pays off to be the kind of person who simply cannot be hurt by anyone else’s words or actions. To be this person, one must know oneself profoundly and be the kind of person they feel 100% comfortable being or be 100% comfortable being themselves, just the way they are.

Someone asking you inappropriate questions is their problem, not yours. You can tell someone the truth about the inconsistencies of their actions in a completely honest but respectful way. You can take criticism from anyone without being affected by it, especially if you don’t want to be, while still objectively considering whether their words might be true, a learning opportunity or even inspiring.

When you’re aware of yourself, your choices, your personality and who you want to be, you make an effort to become a person who looks for fun in every circumstance and situation, values the lessons learned from any past circumstance or situation that did not pan out for them (therefore still appreciates the experience for the educational value) and finds one positive thing about anyone they meet – these are my three rules for being a positive individual (and the rules I implement into every client’s personal case as a positivity coach).

You simply cannot evaluate your significant other objectively until you stop taking everything (they say and do) personally (even if it wasn’t at all directed at you).

I think we all know this already.

Can you relate? I would love to hear your experiences with these particular topics.

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