Can We Choose Our Talents or Accept the Ones We Already Have?

Do you believe we choose our talents? Decide what we love to do and believe we are good at it, sticking to that belief through the ups and downs of learning until the day our proficiency is reached? Whether or not you believe it, LoA can provide it.

Our talents are unique expressions of ourselves. They are our joys alone, increased when shared with others. They are what makes us feel good about ourselves and what we use to boost our sense of contribution to this world.

Enjoying our talents can make us feel like we have everything we need already, allowing us to let go of our desires and attract them. They make us feel good about ourselves, valuable, worthy of our desires.

Just like it’s important for us to focus on our desired relationships, it is equally important to take the focus off those relationships and focus on something entirely of our own for a decent amount of the time. Our talents provide this effortless outlet, giving us a chance to work for something we love.

Our talents are best developed when we don’t think about them too much. If we constantly think about how to do better, it can make us feel like we’re never going to be good enough. At some point, we must start to believe we have done enough and are actually good enough, deserving of the success we want.

Much like using LoA, developing and enjoying any talent produces rapid results when we love our goal and everything we do for it, even if just by thinking about it and seeing ourselves living it.

I like photography. I like to express and exercise my vision, constantly working to improve. I enjoy sending a message and evoking a feeling in the viewer, even if I don’t know what I’m trying to say or feel myself.

Whatever it is, I enjoy taking photographs and constantly learning to improve. However, I always make sure that my work is an expression of myself. I can be good and be myself – have you ever felt that you should be one or the other? When you stick to who you are, your unique view will eventually be recognized, even sooner if you believe it!

If you have chosen a talent you wish to develop, it has been in you all along. Law of Attraction can only give us what we already have so make sure that you believe you have it and never stop working to continue to love and improve it. Work on it until you believe you’re good at it but start from the place of knowing you have the gift for it – if you start by believing you aren’t as good as some, you will have a hard time believing the opposite later on. Believe but if you truly love it, strive for constant improvement. Strive for it by believing in your ability to impress with it but please impress yourself first.


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