How to Love Your Desire to the Fullest and Achieve Results

I realized something about myself today. I am addicted to results.

Some of my friends (and my first ever coaching clients) have told me they enjoy the process of manifestation more than the result itself. Others have told me they don’t practice conscious manifestation in life due to “loving the element of surprise too much.”

The process of manifestation is most exciting to some because they tend to be more interested in how something unfolds than the result itself. These are the individuals who believe that receiving their desire without a magical process would be boring. They are truly not excited about living their desire unless it would manifest in the most extraordinary of ways, proving they are uninterested in the said desire unless it miraculously makes their lives different.

An individual who wants to live their desire because it thinks it could make their lives special is not interested in their supposed desire – they are interested in feeling special, a feeling only they can give to themselves.

The element of surprise can still exist in any manifestation. Say you want to find the perfect suit or dress for a wedding you’re attending in the near future. Preserve the element of surprise by defining the feeling but not the item itself – you can say “I found the perfect dress/suit!” but not define what that is and allow for either a presumed or a completely unexpected piece to turn out to be it! There can be plenty of surprises even in entirely planned manifestations.

Desiring a slightly dramatic manifestation, even one of positive nature, is not the way to make your life interesting.

Choosing to live a life you desire is.

What I do is imagine living my end result. I imagine it either in the form of having just received what I desired or in some other element of living it. I sometimes imagine what I do with it and how it has come to manifest. I imagine the joy and love it brings me every day.

Choosing to manifest a desire because you would love to have it in your life every day, not because it would validate you in some way, is the key to your happiness. In order to achieve this goal, you must do the following every day!

  1. Focus on everything you love about your desire – it’ll make you feel great, confident and expectant yet calm while suddenly living in utter belief and complete knowing.

  2. Imagine doing what you would love to be doing right now, today. It’ll fill your mind with positive thoughts and images that will change your life soon after (because awareness changes first and reality follows).

  3. Imagine your dream come true life with your desire in it! It’ll make you happier than you can imagine. It’ll make you feel like you don’t need anything else in that moment.

  4. Once a day, imagine being there and while observing your desire having come true in your mind, say “Thank you.” Communicate with the Universe to deepen your sense of trust.

Just try it and I promise you will become addicted to feeling good! You will be filled to the brim with positivity and expectation, realizing that your dreams could easily come true. Suddenly, you will move forward with certainty in your goals and a desire to work through your problems.

You will let your true self shine, and your true self is a positive, happy and abundant one. That is who you were meant to be.

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