How to Capture the Awareness of Living Your Ideal Reality

The only thing we should be doing in our current reality is remind ourselves of our ideal. We should be living as if by visualizing, engaging in activities, redecorating, thinking, speaking and preparing.

You might think this is difficult. However, from the moment you ask for your ideal reality, that is what you should be preparing for and feeling happy about – if you aren’t, why ask for it in the first place?

I will think about my ideal reality all day long if it makes me happy. In the first few days of wishing for anything, I make an effort to affirm, thank and think about it often just to power through any negative thoughts and move into the place of knowing and bliss…and you can start doing the same today, regardless of your manifestation history with any desire.

This is how you will change your thoughts and manifest. A few days of persistence lead to permanent ease.

Do we want to live what we want or keep thinking about what is? If we want to change but keep thinking about the present, we’re wasting our time.

Of course, it is difficult to convince an individual with a difficult manifestation history to power through so many upsetting feelings that have built up over the years or even months; however, love and determination to live one’s desire are enough to believe in (and achieve) miracles. This concept goes back to wanting to live one’s desire more than wanting to stay in the present – which do you choose?

If you choose to live your dreams, you have to start believing in them and the Universe giving them to you. You must begin to give your time and visualization power to seeing your future instead of your present.

One day, you will wake up and know that your ideal reality is the only possibility.


A few days of determination to believe, visualize, thank and affirm will bring you to the place of knowing so strong that it couldn’t be broken even if you tried to be negative. You will be trapped in positivity instead of negativity and it will be the best thing ever.

2 thoughts on “How to Capture the Awareness of Living Your Ideal Reality

  1. Hi Nina

    Great thought of the day, truly fantastic

    I wonder if a few days of feeling fear or negative or sad will set me back or will my manifestation only slow down?
    Right now I feel super and I love- love it right now and I see, think, feel as if already living my desire, however for the last week I was not so great my awesomeness was low 😦
    any how I’m back on track, and I just wonder what happens when we go through this feeling low.

    thank you Nina

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nicki! It won’t set you back if you don’t fear those thoughts – they’re meaningless! However, having certain fears brings us down so the only thing to focus on is removing the negative awareness and concerns those thoughts are reflecting 🙂


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