Manifesting the Person You Are!

Can you see a clear manifestation path, an obvious course of events from now until your desire comes true? If you can’t, create one!

Today, I want to talk about knowing and loving who you are.

A change of priorities can be stressful to a conscious manifestation practitioner. And if you have ever felt that who you are has changed, stress can be overwhelming if you don’t know who you are and don’t like what you have begun to need.

Several years ago, I began to question my own priorities. I felt too old for my party self after going out every single night for seven years but too young for settling down and giving up on my party self entirely. It didn’t take too long to realize all I needed was to find new things I loved in life, having completed my education and wanting to engage in new activities. I was afraid that letting go of my partying persona meant that I would become boring but was determined to find a way not to be.

I need some movement in my life on a regular basis. I am crazy about my vegan food and have lightened up on drinking. I need travel which is what I have been used to all my life and recommend to anyone – it’s meant for all of us! Same with music and dancing. I love the water and water sports. I still love my style and skincare, and have dedicated more time to photography. And no matter what, we must nurture feeling attractive in both beautiful and sexy sense. We cannot lose our sense of adventure, that adventure being skydiving or scrapbooking, road trips or hiking, riding your motorcycle or taking yoga classes. Who cares what it is if you enjoy it?!

And who cares if anyone thinks your joys are boring? You probably think theirs are as well. Luckily, the world is filled with choices.

And don’t give up. Ask me how many times I fell over while snowboarding but I am trying skiing next. I hurt my back from a fall a few months ago enough to feel the pain for weeks. But who cares. That’s me – I get over things fast and when I don’t, I try until finally succeeding. Even if it takes months. Ask my boyfriend.

The one thing I hadn’t struggled with compared to the rest of my generation was the idea of getting older, closer to thirty and for some reason having to change your life as a result. I was always aware that it wasn’t about the ageing itself – it was about feeling young and engaging in what makes you feel young and happy, no matter what that is. If you had a steady career, find what you love in it! Or change it. If you are looking for your soul mate, start dating! Have fun with it – it’ll make you feel young! Do you like sports? Try a new one. Do you want to become a parent? Have fun with that too, as much as you possibly can.

Don’t let a change in priorities make you feel old – change them in the way that is fun! Do what you love, no matter what that is. That is what keeps you young. And if you want to look young, manifest it – happiness is a great start for that, too.

By the way, I know we might miss the simple times but I would not want to trade my laptop and the ability to type ninety words a minute for full time handwriting I had had to resort to until I was thirteen. I wrote essays and poems published in books and literary magazines while I was still in my preteens by hand – I don’t need those times back when life is so much easier now.

That’s the thing with making life easier on yourself – you have to allow it, as the human tendency is to make life harder. We are usually convinced that we must suffer and work hard for what we want otherwise we don’t deserve it, which couldn’t be further from the truth. It is what other people teach you but the Universe wants you to live an easy life.

Allowing yourself to enjoy the riches of the Universe also allows you to live an easy life, guilt-free. If life should be happy, rich and easy, we should give it a chance to be.

Right now, you are not allowing yourself to have an easy life because your brain works overtime and you are holding onto a subconscious fear of not having much to do if everything came easily. If you asked and just received, what would you be thinking about?

You should be thinking about having your desire, not how to get it. The getting part is overthinking – the having is bliss. If you are looking to find out who you are or redefine yourself, start there.

You deserve it.


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