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Why We Should Only Think About Where We Want to Be

Recently, I have been asked why my personal manifestation methods are so relaxed that they don’t actually involve much “doing.” All they involve is living and visualizing.

Every time I try to manifest but felt tense or dissatisfied with what I was thinking about (usually due to certain dislikes in my current reality), I manifested the things I was oddly curious about which weren’t necessarily pleasant. I would manifest staying away from situations that made me feel uncomfortable or like I was compromising my principles but I didn’t always manifest entirely great situations as an alternative. However, they were all interesting, unique learning experiences…but do you want to know the best part?

I don’t even think about them anymore. I stopped thinking about them soon after they happened, every single time. My positive thoughts and my desires are just so much stronger that they don’t make me want to ever think about anything else.

Who cares about fears? They’re not real! Why would you ever be afraid when life’s bliss is waiting for you and your desires are yours? They want to be yours! Let them!

Your desires want to become your life – that’s why they keep coming into your thoughts! Let them become your reality.

By simply spending time thinking about having what you want and consciously distracting yourself from thinking about what you don’t want, you would start to feel differently, begin to feel light, tap into your natural positivity and become addicted to positive thoughts; next, you would find your desires manifested. Before you know it, you would find yourself living them, your negative memories feeling distant, like nothing but bad dreams.

This is life.

This is manifestation.

Your worst memory is nowhere near as powerful or meaningful as your greatest desire.

And your greatest desire is meant to become your reality.

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