Should You Only Want Unique Beauty or Can You Also Want Guilt-Free Luxury?

We simply must know what kind of life(style) we want because knowing what would truly make us happy is the key to manifesting it. Unless we know, we have to settle for letting the Universe provide it but then what do you do in the meantime? Isn’t it better to discover what would make you happy on your own and then visualize it while knowing it’s yours already?

If it isn’t better to do it this way, you can always ask the Universe to show you your true happiness and stay patient while allowing it to happen. But if you want to discover it yourself, you will live a life of trying different things and having fun with them until you find your ultimate bliss.

One of the things I always, always, always (!!!) wanted to have as part of my lifestyle was traveling. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I started manifesting not just traveling but living in various countries on various continents when I was fourteen. Then, I wanted to have an amazing relationship; soon after, an amazing dating life. I also wanted a life abroad and the most interesting education program in a specific city. I wanted to work independently, freelancing or running my own business. When I wanted to find the right person, I met the man I love. The nuances of some desires changed but many also remained the same.

The one thing I believe often changes with age is our standards. Some of us might begin to desire more of a high-end lifestyle – organic food, better hotels, what tends to be a bit more expensive furniture, owning a home. We might be tired of fast food and clubbing, cheap beer and sleeping on the floor, wanting to drink gin fizz and whiskey sour, hike and spend time with our dogs. This is why ageing is beautiful – there are a million new things to discover in the world every day, depending on what interests us.

I have had a full life of partying every night when I worked as a bartender and then a DJ. I met the most amazing people, intelligent, resourceful and contemplative, people whose ideas inspired me to try new things. I met some of my closest friends in this world, whether they shared my lifestyle or not. I had a full life of enjoying my education as well, growing my own confidence in an environment where my ideas were accepted. I enjoy a fulfilling professional life, motivating others to enjoy their qualities and personal power of creation. I have done this both one-on-one and to groups of university students and staff. I am so grateful for my relationship because it is always filled with love, understanding, honesty, laughter, trying new things, friends, family, overall fun and again, travel. But today, my days are being enjoyed in the backdrop of much nicer places and things than my life used to require. I can still enjoy most of the places and things I used to, just nowhere near as often or in the same amount.

The trick is to follow your joy. Do what you genuinely feel happy doing, stay where you genuinely feel happy staying and spend money in the way that makes you happy without feeling like you shouldn’t or that you don’t deserve it. If you think that way, it is a sign of a lack of self-love, as we were meant to be and feel abundant to no end.

When you spend money on what you love, guilt-free, you feel rich! In addition to giving to charity, this is what makes you feel rich and gives you the awareness of more and more money coming in than going out all the time. The next step is to imagine spending the amounts of money you wish to have in your ideal reality, as if you are there and have this money already. Soon, you will find yourself having more money than you thought you had in your current reality and get used to that feeling which in turn produces even more money into your life.

You might wonder why I said “Can you also want guilt-free luxury?” It is because I have been asked by readers and clients, “If I ask for [insert desire], is that too much to ask?” Or others might say, “I don’t ask for much so I should receive this,” using their modesty as a bargaining tool for receiving their desire. The answer is, be careful how you engage in modesty because as beautiful as it is, use it as a way to feel abundant with everything you already have but not to justify your feelings of lack. If you acknowledge to yourself that you don’t have enough but then say, “Nobody should have too much, money spoils people, etc., etc.,” that is not the right way to feel abundant. On the other hand, if you say, “I have more than enough with everything that is already in my life,” you will engage in self-love and a strong sense of fulfilment, and be able to see yourself having even more.

This is a very interesting subject in terms of understanding Law of Attraction and your own feelings of abundance (or a lack thereof) so how would you describe your personal attitude towards wealth? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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