Thought of the Day – Attract Love by Being Yourself

I suggest you celebrate yourself and your life.

Wondering how?

You have to play the lead role in your own reality instead of putting the person you want to manifest a relationship with first. You can prioritize them but imagine the relationship and your love as you want it and as it makes you happy!

I mean, being able to love someone the way you want to and have them love you back…don’t you love the thought of that?

Don’t you want that?

4 thoughts on “Thought of the Day – Attract Love by Being Yourself

  1. Hi Nina hope your doing well,
    you are so right–when it comes to being in love we tend to forget about ourselves (guilty) recently his the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last when I go to sleep hehe–months back I used to think what if he turns out to be the same as my ex? that person used to play a lot of games– and guess what? now my specific guy is starting to (in a way not entirely) behave like my ex—I know what I’ve done here and I want to reverse what I created I need a little guidance.
    I don’t want it to stay this way


    1. Hi Nicki! First, decide that from now on, things are to be different. Ask for the two of you to be in your perfect relationship and know that what you have asked for, you must receive. Then, it is important that you imagine only your ideal scenarios that make you happy, the two of you in love just the way you want to experience it, because that is how you will evoke the feelings of love and you need to switch back to love from fear. Love causes belief and it also causes confidence, allowing you to see yourself having the kind of relationship you want instead of the one you fear having. Your focus must be only on the love, and if you find yourself noticing your negative thoughts at all, let them pass. Remind yourself that your love, the way you want it to be, is a done deal.


  2. Thank you Nina
    You know sometimes I get concern that the dream life I intend to have with him might not happened because of the fears and doubts that creep in my mind. And then my friends don’t understand they say I’m day dreaming too much and that I should just wake up, and that hurts me. And then I look at back at the past and how none of the relationships I wanted to have came true, and it makes me doubt sad and fearful.
    So I decided not to talk about it anymore with my friends, the good thing is that I don’t always feel like this sometimes I feel so positive so sure about everything that nothing can bring me down and I’d like to stay in that feeling because I feel as if I’m moving forward and getting closer to manifestation and makes me very excited and happy and I love it. Like right now is our traveling out of the country and the thought of him being so far away makes me miss him so much only if he knew how much.
    Any advice will be great I need some encouragement,


    1. Hi again Nicki, and sorry for the delay (but I am sure you knew I’d get back to you!). Your friends are telling you THEIR story – when advising, most people tell their own experience, not yours. You decide your experience and that is why it is important not to take their words to heart because then, you accept them as YOUR reality and you don’t want to do that. Instead, even if their words hurt you, tell yourself that what YOU want is what’s meant to happen, not what anybody else wants.
      Then, you are to imagine being with him and that he is coming to you and only you. Never engage in thoughts about him being without you and focus on him being only with you as much as you can. Soon, you will adopt these thoughts as reality and will believe in them.


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