Can You Handle All the Happiness You Want?

People often ask me if it’s truly possible to be so positive.

But why not?

Look back on the time when we were kids – we were excited about anything, looking forward to everything and only saw the world’s endless possibilities. And over the years we’ve become jaded or afraid of what might happen instead of being excited about it – that is the difference between expectations of the negative versus the positive.

It’s all about our choices.

We can choose to see the best in everyone, be excited about the amazing things that we want to happen to us and expect miracles every day…multiple ones. We can choose to expect that everyone will come through and treat us even more wonderfully than we ever believed to be possible. Can you handle this much happiness?

If you truly want to be happy, you will adopt this attitude and expect the manifestation of your desires. If you don’t, you will stay in your comfort zone of worrying and possibly complaining.

So, where do you want to be? Where do you find it easier to see yourself?

And where do you want to see yourself?

2 thoughts on “Can You Handle All the Happiness You Want?

  1. Hi Nina,
    Over time since I made a decision to apply Loa into my life I found that it does take time and inner work to change my beliefs about life, love, happiness and most importantly beliefs about myself.
    And it’s great because now I’m aware of my old negative thoughts and where they come from and I can point out how and why these thoughts are still coming up in my mind. I do my best to let it go and say to myself “that ‘s the passed and it does not apply to my present”
    I still struggle, and I get discourage but I pick myself up again and continue because I don’t want to give up on my dreams and happiness can I handle this much happiness once my dreams become my reality? Oh yes!!

    Thank you for your wonderful blog Nina it is truly the best,

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