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No Pain From the Past Should Make the Present Difficult

The Law of Attraction is not about making your life seem perfect or pretending that it is.

It is about knowing that your positivity, happiness, choices and desires make you who you are, not a difficult day or circumstance that simply comes and goes.

Nearly every time anyone asked me if I had faced a specific challenge at some point in life, the answer was “yes.”  We all have, at least once. But it doesn’t matter. It’s not a big deal.

Challenges don’t define us – they only define those who don’t seem to want to recover from them but why let a difficult moment from once upon a time define your fate and personality?

This can particularly be applied to wanting to manifest happiness but blocking yourself with fears from your past negative experiences. If you look within, you will already see that those experiences are not who you are. For the most part, they didn’t even involve your decisions so how can they be defining you? Things we manifest unintentionally are often not what we intended but who cares?

If we manifest something we don’t like, we can just fix it. So why worry about life, ever?

This already shows us that we don’t need to worry about anything. Life is lightness – that is what it’s meant to be.

Years ago, my then boyfriend broke up with me. Break-ups are such a common topic so let’s discuss this one. I didn’t even like him all that much anymore, especially towards the end, but had gotten annoyed that someone I didn’t think much of ended it at the time. I wanted it to end as well but he had said it first so for a few days, I was irritated that someone I thought so little of ended it…until I remembered that the only relevant factor was that I wanted it to be over and that a hurt ego was simply not me. It wasn’t anything I had ever cared about before and I went back to not caring about it once again. I was just glad that it was over because my life was much happier without someone whose attitude I was finding depressing for the most part. But if you have been broke up with by a person you still care about, remember your love for them and start over. Rebuild that love and start to see them in a positive light again – in any breakup, mutual negativity and fears prevailed. If someone broke up with you, you will discover that you didn’t exactly think well of them either at that time but your positive feelings can always be rebuilt if you want to be with this person once again.

It doesn’t matter what happened and surprised you. It only matters what you choose.

It is your choices that make you who you are, not somebody else’s. If someone broke up with you, what will define you is the knowing that your relationship with them is a done deal, if you want to manifest it back, and not allowing any of life’s events but your choices alone to define you instead.

7 thoughts on “No Pain From the Past Should Make the Present Difficult

  1. Hi Nina.
    I’ve tried so hard to make my relationship work but I feel like I’m failing. My boyfriend won’t stop flirting with girls and sexting them. He told me that these girls want to sleep with him. Do you believe that I can still turn this around? Or am I wasting my time with him? He won’t listen to my outcry. He just told me that I should stop going through his phone and mind my own business. He lies to me a lot about everything. I’m at my last and I’m broken. Please help me correct this if you believe that there is still hope cause I’m on my last. I would also like to add the fact that his mum and sister are fighting with me. Is it time to throw in the towel?


    1. Hi Jeanie! You can turn this around but this is how it goes when it comes to wasting time – if you doubt that the person is worth your time and that they deserve you, then their behavior is causing you to not trust them and have enough positive feelings for them. You can decide that someone simply doesn’t deserve you and walk away, or you can forgive them but it takes a lot of forgiveness. What’s most important is that you reconnect with your confidence. Instead of worrying about him, I want you to focus on yourself and know that you are amazing. Surround yourself with the people who make you feel that way and who remind you of your worth, and remind yourself that you deserve everything. Love and respect yourself, and you will attract the same from the people in your life. Right now, it’s time to stop thinking about him and your sisters and focus on you. Then, you will know what you want and what you feel like you deserve!
      You should be thinking about whether or not you like him, and not whether or not he likes you. Always take the driver’s seat in your own life!


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